Yankton Bucks tennis looks to finish the season strong. They have beat every team in ESD except for Aberdeen Central and Mitchell.

   Coach Matthew Termansen believes that the Bucks are definitely near the top of the conference and is anticipating a strong performance.

   The Bucks are 11-5 thus far and have shown no signs of slowing down.

   Coach Termansen says, “ We feel like we are the 2nd best team in the ESD. The only teams that we have lost to are Mitchell and Aberdeen Central but we get a chance at redemption against Aberdeen on Saturday.”

    The Bucks have been led by senior Luke Rockne, who's been varsity since his seventh grade year.

   Rockne has posted an 10-3 record this year in singles against the best players in the state, as he plays in flight one.

   Rockne is seeking a top eight seed at State. According Coach Termansen,

“Luke is one of the best players in the state. We are hoping to solidify a top 8 seed at the State Tournament knowing that he can beat anyone at flight 1 if he plays his best.”

   Rockne has also teamed up with his freshman brother Hunter Rockne to post a 9-5 record in flight one doubles this year. If they continue to compete well, with a strong finish they can earn a top eight seed in doubles at state.

    The Buck’s strength this year comes from more than Rockne; they have had outstanding leadership from another pair of seniors, Paul Fanta and Jason Shindler.

   Shindler, who plays flight two, has posted an 11-5 record this year.

   Coach Termansen believes that Shindler’s leadership this season has been crucial to several Buck victories, both in singles and doubles.

   Termansen says, “ Jason is a senior that has been rock solid as a leader. He has played in every single match this year and I know that I am going to get his best effort on every single point. Between doubles and singles, he has helped us win a lot of matches this year.”  

   Fanta has battled through some early season injuries to post a 4-1 record in flight 4 singles and looks to finish strong.

   Fanta and Shindler have also teamed up as the flight two doubles team for the Bucks this year, posting an 11-2 record.

    The Bucks have set themselves up very well for good seeds at ESD and State.

   Coach Termansen says that if they can get through a tough end of the year schedule they should all be where they want to be come year end tournaments.

   Termansen is hoping for at least a top three finish at ESD and a top eight finish at the state tournament, both of which are very obtainable for this squad. He notes, “We want to get 2nd at ESD. Mitchell is far and away the best team, so everyone else is playing for 2nd. We are very strong at the top of our lineup so we are hoping to get a lot of points from our top guys at the ESD Championships.”

   Only time will tell if this Bucks’ team will make the most of their potential., but if their season so far is any indication, the year could certainly end on a high note.

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