There are a few things you don’t bring up if you don’t wish to start an argument, and likely the most volatile of these issues is politics. Everyone has a point of view, and almost everyone thinks that they’re absolutely correct on the matter; if that’s the case, then who is truly right?

   Well to begin, the idea that there can be only one answer to a question is entirely unfounded. Both sides of the aisle may have different points of view, but both also recognize that there are certain problems in our country that must be solved. The paths to these solutions are not built on the extreme tendencies of the far right or far left, but on compromise. Indeed as President Gerald Ford once said, “compromise is the oil that makes governments go.”

   With Congress in a gridlock, the legislative process has come to a standstill. The idea of compromise doesn’t even grace the minds of many congressmen and congresswomen with its presence. Our government has stopped, halted entirely. The cause? Political infighting and increased levels of partisanship, extremism, and ideological bias have caused a great deal of harm to the American public as well, and it seems that we all aim to blame one another for these grievances, when truly, each one of us who supports any political extreme is at fault. Without a change in the American public, we can’t ever expect to see a change in congress.

   What’s more, Politics often makes enemies out of friends, and pariahs out of family members, tearing apart the bonds we’ve all worked to craft over our lifetimes. As a nation, we need to learn to work together, support one another, and make decisions not only considering ourselves, but those around us, who perhaps lead a different life than you or I.

   In the upcoming year and a half, leading up to the 2016 presidential election, politics is going to be a huge issue throughout America. Inform yourself about the candidates, but do so with a grain of salt, as oftentimes certain news sources and publications have there own political bias, and dish out seriously skewed reports. Be mindful, be wary, but be informed. Many people don’t involve themselves in politics because they think that politics doesn’t affect them or that they can’t make a difference and that’s just not true. Every part of every life in America is highly influenced, if not directly determined, by what goes on in the political realms of our communities, and our nation. In fact, a group of determined people can change the path of this country for the better.

   Politics is incredibly important and cannot be an overlooked issue; that said, extremism on the issue is just as bad, if not worse. In the end, the takeaway is this: learn to compromise, be respectful of the political opinions of others, and be an informed voter. You can make a change.

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