As prom season is quickly approaching, excited juniors and seniors of Yankton High School rush to boutiques in search of the perfect dress.

   Season by season, styles change and come in and out making it difficult to stay up-to-date with what’s hot.

   In recent years, there has been one designer name that comes up with the hottest styles of the year, Sherri Hill. This year, their Spring 2015 Collection was nothing short of fabulous. Bringing bright jewel tones as a color palate this season, complemented by bold patterns, changes the mood of a typical prom dress.

   In recent years, designer’s collections featured traditional prom dress colors such as golds, deep blues and purples, scarlets, and black. Hill’s new collection also features bold prints. 

   “Bold prints?” you might ask yourself. and the answer is “yes, bold prints.”

   This season, big polka dots, wide-horizontal stripes,  cheetah print, and strong floral prints are a must have (or at least a must see). There is one more interesting twist to this collection and that is country lace. Tasteful, classic, pale lace brings an elegant, vintage feel further detailed with beautiful turquoise and gold beading in each dress. Delicate beading is on trend in this collection as well. 

   Gown styles come and go just as colors and patterns do; this year the style to have is a two piece crop and skirt set. Scandalous as it may sound, this style is done rather classily and with an element of elegance. These dresses are considerably more conservative than dresses in recent years, with side and front cut-outs. These cohesive pieces are the hottest “it” thing to wear for every formal occasion. 

   The closer we get to prom day, the crazier the boutiques will become with thrilled girls ripping through racks, searching for their perfect prom dress. 

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