Throughout an individual’s life there are many lasts. As a senior this year I have had my fair share of final moments and still have several to go. I have had my last note day in AP Chemistry, I will soon be in my final debate round, and now I am writing my final article for the school newspaper.

   Looking back on my high school career I have very few regrets. However, one that stands out the most is not joining the school newspaper staff until my junior year. My experiences with the newspaper have never been less than enjoyable, and I only wish I would have seen the promise that awaited me on the school newspaper.

   Throughout my career on the school newspaper I have covered everything from Gazelle Golf to the impact of economic globalization on worldwide poverty reduction, and after only two years writing for the school newspaper I have found a passion that I am certain will not expire when this article is published. What the newspaper has given me is more than memories; it has given me a foundation for personal growth. The school newspaper is not a part of my past, but a key for my future.

   The great part about endings is new beginnings. The Class of 2015 will soon be going off in very different directions. Some going to college, others entering the workforce, and some are still undecided. The only thing that remains steady among all the members of the Class of 2015’s future is that they will be entering a new phase of their life, one completely different from anything they have previously known.

   This issue marks the end of not only my school newspaper career, but the end of our beloved newspaper advisor’s tenure at Yankton High School. Mrs. Mandel has positively impacted countless students at Yankton High and is deserving of the utmost respect. She is always willing to allow students to go in their own direction both in the classroom and with the newspaper. I am sure that she will find success in all of her future endeavors as she pursues new goals. I am not alone when I say that without Mrs. Mandel, I and countless other students would not be who we are today, and for that I am forever grateful.

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