The Age of Adaline is a romantic drama that stars Blake Lively, Michiel Huisman, and Harrison Ford.

   This is not a stereotypical romantic film, as it combines elements of science fiction and history, which results in an intriguing story.

   At first, I was skeptical of this movie, as romantic films can often be cheesy and unbelievable. But I must admit I was drawn into the suspense of this film, and was overall impressed with its content.

   The film begins with Adaline Bowman buying black market identification, and changing her name to Susan. It is soon revealed she is not buying these for deviant purposes, but instead to protect her unusual secret: she does not age. She has lived under the radar of government officials for over 50 years, and she achieves this by changing her identity every ten years.

   It is then revealed she works at a library and civic archives so that she can spend her days immersed in the past that she is familiar with. She is soon noticed by a young man who has made his fortune by inventing an algorithm that predicts stock market conditions.

   The two struggle to establish a relationship, as Adaline is cautious to reveal her past, and the young man, Ellis does not understand Adaline’s secrecy.

   As I mentioned earlier, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Not only was the plot interesting, but I enjoyed the historical elements as well.

   Before this film, I had never seen any of Blake Lively’s works, but after this film I am a fan. The leading man, Michiel Huisman, is Dutch, and this was his first American film. I feel there will be many more successful films from Mr. Huisman in the future.

   I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys classic romances with a twist.

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