By the time you’re reading this, the 2015 Super Bowl teams will be set, and we’ll all know if I made the right predictions! 

   Here’s a little background on recent NFL action and my predictions of what the weekend will have given us!

   Last week, in the AFC South, the Denver Broncos, led by the almighty Peyton Manning with a passer rating of 101.5, played the Indianapolis Colts, led by Andrew Luck with a whopping 40 TD’s this season.

   The Colts ended up beating the Broncos 24-13 advancing them to the conference game.

   On the other side of the AFC, we had the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots face off. It was a close game with Tom Brady going 33/50 with 1 INT and 3 TD’s and Flacco going 28/45 with 2 INT’s and 4 TD’s. The Patriots pulled away barely with a 35-31 win and advancement to the AFC Championship game.

 The NFC saw the most controversial game of the season as Dallas took on Green Bay. Dez Bryant jumped over Shields, grab- bed the ball, and landed.

   Did he have the ball on the one yard line or was the play incomplete? Packers fans would say incomplete, but Cowboy fans would say he caught it. What really matters is the refs said he didn’t maintain control and it cost the Dallas Cowboys a shot at advancing.

   The other NFC game featured returning Super Bowl champs taking on the “Gambling Riverboat Ron” and “Super Man” Cam Newton from Carolina. We could see why the Seahawks won the Super Bowl last year. In last week’s game the 12th man and the Seahawks defense was in full force in Seattle and Wilson went 15/22 with three TD’s and no interceptions, while Newton had two TD’s and two INT’s. Seattle won 31-17.

  With the stats and scores on the table, I believe it’s time for some predictions!

   According to what we have seen, expect that Seattle will defeat Green Bay once again with a 28-17 win and Wilson will have a huge day with 4 TD’s and 300 passing yards. The AFC conference game will also be extremely close. It’ll go down as a matchup of the year with both number 12s (Luck and Brady) having huge games.

   Ultimately, with Luck’s weapons and coming off a win at  Mile High against Manning, I say Luck scrambles off to the Super Bowl with a 45-42 win in overtime in Foxborough.

   The horseshoe of the Colts and the 12th man from Seattle will make the 2015 Super Bowl unlike any other.

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