The season started out rough says Coach Sime “The beginning of the season was kind of tough we were missing one of our top golfers, Becky Frick.” But this helped the team as a whole, Coach Sime continued to say that the injury helped some of the other girls step up to the tee and better their golf game. Upon Becky’s return Coach Sime stated that “Our scores have gotten better and we are competing at a higher level.”  The golf team is back on track for the ESD conference on Friday the 8th and the team hopes to place in the top two, “If we have a good day and the other team has a bad one, you never know what could happen.” Ashley VanMeeteran, one of the girls on the team, is also ready, “We have played in a lot of tournaments already and have improved each time.” The state tournament is also on the horizon. This year the tournament will be held in Rapid City May 18-19. The team hopes to place high in this tournament and bring home a plaque for Yankton High School. One challenge in both tournaments is the course, Ashley VanMeeteran said “We have never played either the ESD or the state courses so it will be a challenge, but I believe we can conquer them.” This doesn’t seem to phase the team though,. Becky Frick said “I think if we stay positive we will be able to do well at each tournament.” The team definitely seems to have an overall positive attitude going into two of the biggest tournaments of the year. The girls also have a meet coming up on the 14th in Brandon Valley.

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