“Coming off of four quick games, I feel like as a team we learned a lot about the areas we need to improve as well as what our strong suits are,” says senior guard Austin Johnson.

   A lot of games in a short amount of time are something the Bucks basketball team has grown accustomed to in the past week. The Bucks matched up first against Mitchell (67-52), then Brookings (56-39), next Harrisburg (69-52), and, lastly, Brandon (30-39).

   “It was good for our boys, we started the year out with over 30 practices and very few games, so it was time to start playing some games,” says coach Haynes, “as well as learn some of the that valuable in-game experience that you just can’t learn from practice.”

   The road for the Bucks won’t get any easier from here on out. The Bucks played top ranked (7-2) Lincoln last Tuesday for a tough matchup. The Patriots walked away with the  59-43 win over the Bucks.

   “Lincoln [brought] 2 dominant big guys in 6’8” senior Park, and senior Dunn which [posed] a problem down low. Kaleb Johnson, who is one of the best shooters in the state, also [posed]  a threat. As far as athletes go, Lincoln has some incredible athletes with all around talent. Even their 6th man is someone to watch out for,” Haynes says.

   The Bucks have some key things they are looking to improve, such as tempo of the game, defense and being more effective scorers on the offensive end.

   “Playing at an up tempo level is something we really need to work on. We believe that we can play at an higher level than we currently are, we just need to keep improving,” says Bucks senior Evan Greeneway.

   The Bucks’ next game is a home game scheduled for January 20 at 8 p.m., against Sioux Falls O’Gorman.

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