Yankton’s tracks season is in full swing. Coming off their last competition at Howard Wood the Bucks and Gazelles like where their season is headed.

   “At the beginning of the year the goal was just to compete well and not embarrass ourselves. As the year has gone on we have realized that as a team we have tremendous  talent on both the boys and the girls team. Giving us the goal of a combined state championship,” says Bucks open 400 runner John Dannenbring, “ “I know I am personally not the best runner out there but that doesn’t stop me from cheering on my teammates as they win.”

    It has been this attitude from everyone on the track team that has carried them as far as they have come this year.

   “This year especially our track team seems to be closer then ever and to me we seem like we are one happy family,” Senior Janae Osborn says. This overall attitude is shared by the entire team and has really showed come race day. The Yankton has team has really excelled this in year in all areas. Having that all-around team is something that will help guide the boys and girls of Yankton Track to hopefully a district title, as well an overall team title. 

   “Yankton hasn’t exactly been known as a track power house in the last few years throughout the state. So for me and all of our team winning ESD and possibly winning state team title would be an awesome way to end our senior year. I think this year we have the team to put us back on the map as a dominate ESD track team. Plus taking that victory lap around the track up in Brookings wouldn’t be bad either. “ says Evan Greenway adding, “ That’s our ultimate goal, to win ESD.”

   With a star studded team, who knows what this year’s Yankton Buck and Gazelle track team is going  to accomplish. Could this years  ESD track victory be the next banner that gets hung in the Summit? We will have to wait and find out.

   The ESD Conference Meet will take place in Brookings on May 16, followed by the Last Chance Meet on May 21. After that, the State Track Meet wraps up the season on May 29-30 in Sturgis and Rapid City.

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