The Bucks baseball teams are just finishing up a strong 2015 season. They have regions, which they have to win, before they go to the state tournament. Teams in the Buck’s region include: Sioux Falls Roosevelt, Sioux Falls O’Gorman, and Mitchell. Senior Adam Walter says, “We have a good chance to make it to state if we keep playing well.”

   Bucks baseball is led by head coach Trey Krier and assistant coach Craig Rolfes. The team leaders are the senior captains: Ben Cameron, Adam Walter, Brad Ulmer, Austin Johnson, and Wyatt Adam.  Krier says, “All five of them lead in different ways.”

   One difficulty with spring baseball is the weather. Krier says, “Spring season in South Dakota is tough because the season is so fast, and the weather gets in the way of a lot of the things you want to do.” Luckily the boys are up to this challenge and have not only succeeded, but thrived. “Our guys have done a good job of preparing themselves and getting into the swing of things.  I think we are starting to get to a point where we have consistent output from certain people, and we are starting to understand roles within our group” comments Coach Krier.

   To prepare for games, regions, and state, the Bucks work hard on both offensive and defensive repetitions. Krier says that a typical spring practice looks like, “A lot of time in the batting cage and a lot of time fielding ground balls and fly balls.  We are also trying to build up arm strength and stamina for our position players and also our pitchers.”

   The future of spring baseball looks promising as well. Krier says, “The leadership of our senior group is what is going to take us as far as we go this year and in the years to come.  I firmly believe that leadership by our upperclassmen has an impact on our team long after those seniors are gone.  They have a lot of things they can show and leave with our talented underclassmen.”

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