Spencer Huber, a junior at Yankton High School, reached his 100th career victory this past December at the Sioux Falls Lincoln Quad.

   Huber has been wrestling for eleven years and has always worked his hardest to achieve his goals.   

   “Reaching my 100th career victory made me feel like all the hard work I had put in was paying off, and it pushed me to set my goals higher,” stated Huber. 

   Accomplishing 100+ wins puts Huber up with some of the past Yankton greats, such as Andy Johnson, Nick Smith and last year’s graduating senior Casey Skillingstad.

   Huber credits Nick Smith as one of his biggest role models and motivations. “He was a four time state champion in high school. I then had him as a coach for two years in AAU. Nick also had a lot of the high school records for wrestling.”

   During Huber’s match, he knew he had to wrestle hard and go for the pin when he saw the chance. “I saw an opportunity to go for the pin early so I did. It was a move that Coach Hage had just went over in practice. I thought it was a cool move and had to try it out,” said Huber.

   Due to Huber obtaining this success during his junior year, he still has the potential to reach 200 victories in his high school career. Huber plans to stay healthy and uninjured for the duration of his career.

   Even though Huber’s wrestling career will only have one more year after this season, he is still considering wrestling in the future.

   “If the scholarship opportunities came, I would definitely consider it. At this point though, I’m thinking I will focus on getting a good education,” indicated Huber.

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