I worry what D.C. thinks of us back here in Yankton every time Swensen talks about his D.C. communications. They probably think the whole town is HSC patients.

Phil Tau asking for strict application of the law. Hypocrite.

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Apparently truth touches nerves. The fact is, I don't believe you. I can't believe you'd be so ignorant that you'd ask a someone from a town 5 miles away. Your crime continued as you refused to cooperate with the zoning administrator. I was there in those meetings where it was obvious tha…

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Yet your the only one of 300 that refused to cooperate and needed a regime change to get your way. Your claim of ignorance is laughable. How can some one who has lived with zoning all their lives suddenly claim ignorance? How were you completely ignorant of your zoning but an 'expert' on …

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Yep I'm agreeing with the Sierra Club guy... We have an abundance of wind; we should use it!

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This is coming from someone entrenched in the Quality of Life group and made significant donations to the new commissioners. Mr. Tau also openly broke zoning laws and then was given one of the biggest free passes seen in South Dakota from those same commissioners. Now he is calling for ha…

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Really? You might believe that, but the truth is the current trend in this country is for more efficient and safe food production. Free range is not efficient and no more safe than other methods. Free range is a great slogan to sucker people into paying more for essentially the same product.

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Coming from the bully of the Yankton Buzz.... LOL.

Ad Hominem attacks. Classic Yankton Buzz. I won't let you block me.

Except when you don't.