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Let's, how many people died from COVID or the ones that live are still having complications. How many didn't get COVID because of the masks. The inflation is WORLD WIDE and not something caused by the US. COVID was first lied about from tRump, he hid the truth and kept it up for months. R…

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Where is your source?

Joe & Squaresquire,

I would like to thank both of you for your excellent comments. My biggest problem is the Catholic Church engaging in politics. I woul also like to know if the bishops are vaccinated and/or do they wear masks?

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Interesting comments by both sides, please consider the following:

1. When the Southern States withdrew from the USA the main reason in every state wanted the right to own and sale slaves. It doesn’t matter on a small percentage owing them, the Confederacy all backed it! They were a…

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Dear Bcdog19 - just a quick note to clarify a few things. If you check my registration history you will discover I have been a registered Republican since 1970 and amend passed to allow 18 year olds to vote. I was raised an Eisenhower Republican. At your age you know what that means. I am…

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You need a few facts. I would like real sources and right – wing wackos or Fox News do not count as sources.

1. By what right and proof do you have to say “Nasty” things about Senator Harris?

2. Prove to me that 71 Congressional Representatives were Communists?


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I'm afraid I must reply to several points that Mr. Adamson has made. One thing I would like to start out with is that POTUS (I don't want to say his name), several different news organizations have kept track of his falsehoods that he said. The latest number is over 19,000.


I find it interesting that so many of the Nebraska fisher people come to South Dakota side to fish, plus bring their boats to our side. We can also throw in Iowans, Wisconsin, & a Minnesota lice or two (Madison friends, lots on hwy 34 heading west. I like Florida's attitude on those w…