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I agree with you, Kate. Mr. Voice says “Biden wants everyone vaccinated so he can keep his promise to the pharmaceutical companies about how much they can make, he did not meet his goal for them so he is pushing for more.”

I’ve seen no collaboration of this charge which just seems t…

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Me, too.

Adios back atcha, Abe.

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Ms. Jacobson, if after her 88 years the apex of journalism for Ms. Whatley is “Fox and Friends,” I think you can be sure you’re “casting pearls” in vain.

But it can’t hurt. Sometimes old dogs surprise us and learn new tricks…

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Mr. Voice, you don’t speak for me. Gimme A. Breake gives you the benefit of the doubt and says you may represent 30% of us. I doubt it.

I say you need to change your dishonest name.

How about starting a new account? Simply “Voice” would tell us it’s you without presuming we sh…

In the long term, anti-vaxxers’ science denial may be self-correcting.

Just like climate change denial seems hard at work removing coastal Florida from the red state voting base…

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Golly, Mr. Wick. Your response to Red Cloud made me think: Would you say White Americans played the “race card“ when they made over 500 treaties with America’s indigenous people and broke all of them as they occupied Indian land?

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Opps. That was supposed to be “trail.”

Though maybe “tail” is more appropriate…🤠

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If there’s one thing Larry says that we can all get behind, it would be when he says, “I blaze my own tail.”

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Larry, could you please try to make your name-calling bitterness a bit more entertaining?

I think this is the fourth or fifth time you’ve used that old “one car parade” line. It’s really not getting more witty with repetition.

Please - if you insist on being so randomly hatefu…

Welcome to the Press & Dakotan feed, Abe. Glad to see you’ve created an account to join in the discussion. I’d be interested in where you get your information.

And if it’s true that on January 6th “the vast majority… there, assembled peacefully.” Why won’t the Party of Trump all…