MJohnson commented on Letter: Pierre Power Grab

You may want to read Senate 157 for a full accurate, understanding of what the bill intends.


But facts, in context,…

MJohnson commented on Garrity Sues County

'The county has never officially acknowledged Garrity’s employment status".......................i.e. more cover-ups.

After running on a message of transparency, the new commissioners have tried endlessly to hide or confuse the facts at every turn. It is only because of the several …

Hey Brian, have any more words of strong support for Gary Swensen? You bias may be showing.

MJohnson commented on Lawsuit May Expand

A 'mumpsimus' is a stubborn person who insists on repeatedly making an error in spite of being shown that it is wrong. Mr Swenson is not alone in that behavior, among the majority, on this current County Commission.

Right?!? God forbid anyone dare voice a option counter to the Minions of Orthodoxy!!!

Have a long discussion on how a few townships should not be allowed to decided their own fate. Then have a vote supporting local control? They did that? With a straight face?

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Ask Little Danny, he obviously has a copy. (As he is proposing a resolution on the issue. He should have a copy.) If he does not is yet further proof is only sees to promote misinformation to further his agenda.

MJohnson commented on A Matter Of Control

Wow, Dan just can't help himself. He just has to spin lies at every turn. The "no longer be hearing requirements for conditional-use permits" is false and information out of context. The proposed legislation would grant ->Local Control<- for the option to have a CUP process without …

Isn't it a felony for elected officials to do endorsements? "Yankton County Commissioner and farmer Joe Healy will appear in a Super Bowl commercial for AB InBev’s Michelob Ultra Pure Gold beer"

Joe was probably just excited to be on TV. No real concern about being honest or authentic. Similar to the reasons he is on the County Commission.....