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[thumbup] Thank you. Posting here takes courage. I hope the responses this time will not be name calling or insinuations that you are crazy or only watch Fox news (the usual answers/non answers). I just hope that whoever disagrees just agrees to disagree. ☮✝

Rev.Brandt, for someone preaching love being better than hate ( I totally agree), I looked for any love in your letter. I don't believe I saw any???

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Since Facebook has now made it clear that anything that supports the President or does NOT support the Biden/Harris ticket will be taken down, you are correct on that part Ogaelic. Twitter had a hard time figuring out if they should even take down "wishes for the President to die" , wonde…

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[thumbup] , ME2...



[thumbup] Thank you, Mmuncrief. Dump Trump, you need to find a new newspaper editiorial page. You have repeated the same hate and disrespectful comments on this one to last a lifetime. Everyone is tired of it. I invite anyone who isn't tired of Dump Trump to say so. Not saying others of L…

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[thumbdown][sleeping] Talk about repeats.

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[thumbdown][yawn] Talk about repeats...