It takes good parents and fiscal reponsability to raise good children. Relying on a village is very risky.

Well said Van. Well said.

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Anthony Weiner 2020 . . . he'll expose the truth!

The Governor has a great consultant at a reasonable price. She could get right "On It"

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You demonrats should check and see who pays the most taxes once. See. . . I can call you names too. By the way, I'm independent. I can't stand politicians from either party.

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This is what the education system does to our kids. You're a nice kid Carter but so misinformed. Tax Tax Tax. . . it is never enough.

Its the Revolting Danny Brandt! We all love your blather. How about that Matt Lauer huh, or Fredo, or Lemonhead. All have sinned . . . well not you of course. What's the abortion count up to now?

Well, that is actually a good question. I will most likely be gone by the end of Trumps 2nd term so it really doesn't matter to me. I do see some of the younger generations taking a hard look at socialism as seeing what it does to countries and their populations. When you take away "my fr…

How many lib's heads will explode when Trump is reelected this year?

a) 5,000

b) 10,000

c) Too many to count

The answer: c . . . too many to count.

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The wind scammers are worse than telephone scams. They try to intimidate and enlist the "Revs" the help sell the scam. Politician have already been bought and paid for.