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Charlie Flowers truly is the "Will Rogers" of South Dakota Politics!

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Great Article!

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There are 808 registered voters in Wagner. All input on road projects statewide is welcome by the SD DOT at their annual STIP meetings. All people and companies who travel through Wagner are stakeholders in such projects and their input is important. The dilemma is DOT consistently saying…

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The Wagner 4 lane issue is something that will have a 30 to 40 year impact on the region and the community. I am donating my time to helping the people of Wagner on this issue. I respectfully disagree with your analysis of the important long term and short term effects of 4 la…

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2023 South Dakota Legislature

Senate Resolution 701


Introduced by: Senator Bordeaux

This bill has been extensively amended (hoghoused) and may no longer be consistent with the original intention of the sponsor.


Feb 18th 2023

Nebraska Unicameral Transportation and Telecommunications Committee

State Capitol Building Room 1113 1:30 pm Hearing

Lincoln, Nebraska 68501


Dear Senators:

 Thank your for the opportunity to provide written testimony in favor of LB 454.<…

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Ar223 Please consider this your personal invitation to visit Wagner. Several individuals have indicated they would like to have you visit Wagner. They will give you the tour and show you the tremendous town that it is. You can see the 4 lane first hand and all the issues associated with i…

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Mrs Sedlacek [Erin]is an amazing person who greatly deserves this award!

One Correction: The width in the State DOT Wagner 3 lane proposal will be shrunk by 5 feet not 10 feet. The 2.5 foot reduction on each side will still ensure that should the DOT change their mind and want to go back to a 4 lane configuration after construction is completed, it will be imp…

Ar233 with all due respect. The rural people strongly support the 4 lane as well. However, The DOT refuses time and time again to recognize the need for a stop sign at the Caseys Wagner public school intersection which would greatly improve safety Why is the DOT spending millions of dolla…