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Great Letter Heather. You are 100 percent correct!

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Mary Ellen Luikens is very deserving of this award.

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agree with you having many friends and relatives in the same situation. Commission Contacts The GFP Commission consists of eight members, appointed by the governor for four year terms. Emails sent to one or all Commissioner members will be shared with the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks…

Winegar cares deeply about the environment and well being of South Dakota.

Winegar is always looking out out for the best interests of South Dakota. Mark is a solid leader in South Dakota: from the environment to sound economic development policies.

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Mr. Paine: With all due respect. Did you go to one of the steak and booze suppers a local bank was hosting to get folks to sign 12 year contracts and go approximately 350 000 in debt for a nursery and 750 000 for a finishing barn neither of which has a requirement for biofilters trees …

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Certainly your group leaders of Families Feeding Families are not using Common sense. Parking huge tractors in the county courthouse parking lot, blocking traffic in that area and then the entire group stands up and leaves after the PHi Tau hearing was deferred. It sure looks like you have…

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DJohn blogger: My record of helping thousands of people while serving 22 years in the legislature and continuing to helping others the last for 5 years stands on its merits. You and the leaders of the group Families Feeding families need to start with a public apology to the current count…

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Ray and Pam:

I salute you on being excellent farmers. For many years a group of midwest legislators along with many farmers and ranchers fought for fair prices for livestock producers. Also legislation was introduced on the state and national level to pass poultry and swine contract…

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Please read this article that yes Iowa is impacted by Cafos FJK.
Impacts of the CAFO explosion on water quality and public health
James Merchant and David Osterberg, Iowa View contributors Published 11:27 a.m. CT Jan. 24, 2018 | Updated 11:28 a.m. CT Jan. 24, 2018