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young people in South Dakota can get it whether it is legal or not and they will use it whether its legal or not,,, this is a redundant arguement

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maybe the politicians of South Dakota could pull their heads out of the sand. Biden won and most of the country wants to move on. there is no common sense to allowing Trump to Bully and stomp his feet like a 2 year old

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voice for all: voice for not as many as you think. i think you need a reality check, when has it ever worked to tell people not to have sex? and who is going to pay for the unwanted children as they grow up? this is reality. Also did you know that when Republicans are in charge there are …

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i dont know if you read the same letter to the editor as i did, or maybe you just like to create fear. Mr. Wagner was talking more about access to reproductive health care than abortion. He was talking about how they have defunded planned parenthood where people could have affordable acce…

Wonder if mental health is ever considered when discussing the COVID crisis? I don't think Kristi Noem takes any of this into consideration. I don't think she is in South Dakota enough to even know what going on. Kristi please take your rose-colored glasses off and really look at the stat…

its getting to the point that lower middle class people cant make due to all the taxes this city and county think we can afford. not to mention the below poverty line people.


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are you kidding me????? that is the most backwards way of thinking i have heard in a very long time

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oh my, I have listened to a lot of what Biden has said and I have never heard him say he was for defunding the police,, please site proof with accusations also I would rather be a socialist country than a dictatorship. Neither sound great but you are fooling yourself if you think we can a…

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and you think your guy has a clean slate? So its ok for a man to sleep around as long as he is republican. i really could care less who sleeps with who and whether they are married or not because all of them do it so you are just slinging the same old, same old, like the rest on them. and…