Second In Brookings

The Yankton Figure Skating team placed second at a competition in Brookings on Jan. 4. Individual award winners include (front) Nora Schramm (2nd Rhythmic Ribbon Bronze; 3rd Freestyle 1; 1st Solo Comp. FS1), (middle) Taylor Larson (2nd Solo Comp. Delta; 3rd Stroking Delta; 1st Couples Spot. Lt. Ent. Bronze; 2nd Jump & Spin Bronze; 1st Team Ensemble), Brooklynn Bentley (1st Lt. Ent. Spot. Bronze; 1st Freestyle 1; 2nd Jump & Spin Bronze; 2nd Solo Comp. FS1; 1st Char. Spot. Bronze; 1st Stroking FS1; 1st Couples Spot. Lt. Ent. Bronze; 1st Team Ensemble), Ashton Adams (2nd Delta; 5th Stroking Delta; 4th Solo Comp. Delta; 1st Jump & Spin Low; 3rd Char. Spot. Delta; 1st Team Ensemble), Molly Hunhoff (3rd Char. Spot. Beta; 2nd Beta; 1st Stroking Beta; 2nd Solo Comp. Beta), Alivia Dimmer (2nd Footwork Freestyle 4; 2nd Freestyle 4; 4th Solo Comp. FS4), Remington Adams (2nd Beta; 2nd Char. Spot. Beta; 3rd Stroking Beta, 1st Solo Comp. Beta; 1st Team Ensemble), (back) Alivia Berry (1st Char. Spot. Delta; 2nd Stroking Delta; 3rd Solo Comp. Delta; 3rd Delta; 2nd Jump & Spin Low; 1st Team Ensemble), Adison Uhall (2nd Char. Spot. Delta; 1st Delta; 2nd Jump & Spin Low; 1st Stroking Delta; 1st Solo Comp. Delta; 1st Team Ensemble), Braxton Adams (6th, Stroking Delta; 1st, Jump & Spin Low; 4th, Char. Spot. Delta; 5th, Solo Comp. Delta; 2nd, Delta; 1st, Team Ensemble) and Mikayla Meyer (2nd Open FS Bronze; 2nd Rhythmic Ribbon Bronze; 2nd Char. Spot. Bronze; 1st Rhythmic Ball Bronze; 1st Solo Comp. FS3). Not pictured is Eva Paulson (1st Solo Comp. FS4; 1st Freestyle 4; 1st Footwork FS4; 1st Open FS Silver).

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