RAPID CITY -- Brennan Schmidt had a day to remember at the South Dakota State Class B track meet on Friday

Not only did Schmidt finish first in the 100-meter dash prelims and the 200-meter dash prelims, but he also broke a meet record in the 400-meter dash prelims.

Larry Miller of Freeman Academy held the record since 1982. Miller had a time of 47.8 and Schmidt recorded a time of 47.54 on Friday in Rapid City.

Schmidt said he contributes his success in track by his work ethic.

“Just working hard and being tall helps a lot too because I can save a lot of energy especially in the 400 and I can get a good stride,” he said. “It all comes down to work at the end of the day.”

Schmidt stated he has different strategies when running different races.

“Obviously the 100 is go out and give it everything and just run as fast as you can,” he said.

“When it comes to the 200, you have to have a good start out of the blocks.

“The 400 I try to go out and try to stride out as much as I can on that back stretch and just bring it in,” he said.

Schmidt mentioned this wasn’t his first time running in poor conditions before

“Freshman year when we were back out here in the state meet it was cold and rainy and the times definitely aren’t as good,” he said.

Schmidt wasn’t the only one to break a state meet record on Friday.

Zack Anderson of Parker set the State B record for high jump.

Anderson finished with a height of 6-07.50. The previous record was 6-07.25, which was recorded by Austin Simons back in 2007.

Anderson said it felt good to break the meet record foe high jump.

“Pretty good. Last year I came at it trying to get 6-08 right off the bat. I had two years left so I was feeling fine,” he said. And I didn’t get it last year, but I was dang close and this year feels quite better,” he said.

“I’m the type of kid that likes to feed off the crowd,” he said. I normally don’t do best at the smaller meets, but once I get to the bigger ones I don’t just show up with my normal athletic abilities,” he said.

“I felt fine come into this, just wondering how high I could get,” he said.

Anderson said he felt different emotions before he broke the meet record.

“ My first jump was like uh-oh,” he said. “ The second one I wasn’t feeling anything and then the third one the claps started going and it just brought you back to the loud high school gym days.”

“ I felt it coming pretty hard, but I really didn’t think about the jump,” he said. “I just thought why not just get over this,” he said.

Dan Stibral of Scotland finished first in the shot put and later first in the discus.

Stibral mentioned the hard work he put in all year leading up to the state meet.

“ It feels pretty good. Worked really hard the entire year and broke a lot of standards that I didn’t think I could get,” he said.

Stibral stated the difficulty in throwing the shot put in the cold weather.

“The cold weather adds difficulty of course, but you just have to get good form and that will help you out a lot,” he said.

Stibral’s best throw at the state meet was 54-02.75

As for the girls, Gayville-Volin’s Laura Nelson finished first in the 3200 meter run after finishing second at last years meet.

Nelson was excited about her victory in the 3200.

“I’m just so thankful, it’s just a blessing,” she said. “ It’s been such a beautiful day and our team our 4x8 this morning and then this was such a perfect way to end the day.”

Nelson said a key in her victory was not worrying so much.

“I tried not to worry. I have to keep my nerves under control because sometimes I get a little nervous with pressure, but I just try to relax and run happy and enjoy the race,” she said.

Nelson finished with a time of 11:45.61

Payton Johanneson of Andes Central-Dakota Christian finished first in the high jump.

Johanneson said staying warm was key for her to get a top finish.

“Staying warm is a big part of it. We came down with a start at 9:30 a.m. and we got here at 8:00 a.m. to warm up,” she said. We stayed warm till 10 and got our run trough’s down and do what we do.”

Johanneson finished with a height of 5-03.

Lauren Sokolowski of Irene-Wakonda finished first in the 100 hurdles prelims.

Sokolowski mentioned her strategy in running the 100 hurdles, an event she has won the last three years.

“I just try to stay low when going over the hurdles. Get fast steps in between them and come out of the blocks quick,” she said. “ That’s one of my specialties is getting out of the blocks pretty well.”


Friday’s Finals At Rapid City

Girls Division

• Team Scores — Ipswich 41, Gayville-Volin 28, Estelline 18, Hanson 16, Freeman 16, Andes Central-Dakota Christian 15, Centerville 12, Chester Area 10, Herreid-Selby Area 10, Potteer County 9, Castlewood 8, Rapid City Christian 8, Canistota 8, Harding County 8, Sully Buttes 8, Arlington 8, Freeman Academy 8, Avon 6, Scotland 6, Wessington Springs 6, Philip 6, Wilmot 5, Howard 5.5, Platte-Geddes 5.5, James Valley Christian 5, Waverly-South Shore 5, Florence-Henry 4, Irene-Wakonda 4, Newell 3, Wall 3, Lake Preston 2, Warner 2, White River 2, Sunshine Bible Academy 2, Northwestern 2, Elkton-Lake Benton 2, Stanley County 1, Jones County 1, Viborg-Hurley 1, Wolsey-Wessington 1.

Friday’s Finals Events Only

• 800 Run — 1. Macy Heinz, Ipswich, 2:15.7 (new meet record, old record 2:15.24, Andrea Warnke, Bonesteel-Fairfax, 2003); 2. Cailey Roth, Freeman, 2:20.35; 3. Shyanne Kopfmann, Wessington Springs, 2:24.61; 4. Gracie Weinheimer, Sully Buttes, 2:26.89; 5. Brylee Hennrich, Arlington, 2:28.37;6. Mandee Williamson, Newell, 2:28.74; 7. Alexis Lane, Sunshine Bible Academy, 2:29.85; 8. Rachel Buxcel, Jones County, 2:30.56.

• 3,200 Run — 1. Laura Nelson, Gayville-Volin, 11:45.61; 2. Clara Koerner, Freeman Academy, 12:01.63; 34. Ellie Coye, Philip, 12:04.64; 5. Aleah Steger, Ipswich, 12:16.22; 6. Tori Moore, Ipswich, 12:21.45; 7. Rebecca Eberts, Freeman, 12:22.81; 8. Kelsey VanDenHemel, Stanley County, 12:28.63.

• 3,200 Relay — 1. Gayville-Volin (Laura Nelson, Lanny Clark, Megan Hirsch, Genevive Clark) 10:10.72; 2. Hanson 10:19.63; 3. Freeman 10:19.87; 4. James Valley Christian 10:25.86; 5. Arlington (Daylee Olson, Nikki Zobel, Josie Parry, Brylee Hennrich) 10:26.11; 6. Sully Buttes 10:30.57; 7. Warner 10:36.86; 8. Howard 10:37.68.

• Discus — 1. Jana Thorstenson, Herreid-Selby Area, 110-0; 2. Jamie Begalka, Estealline, 109-2; 3. Hannah Morgan, RC Christian, 108-0; 4. Traia Hubbard, Gayville-Volin, 107-4; 5. Kamryn Heinz, Ipswich, 105-10; 6. Carley Skorepa, Scotland, 103-9; 7. Lexy Lynn, Elkton-Lake Benton, 103-5; 8. Taylor Sprecher, Wolsey-Wessington, 101-0.

• Shot Put — 1. Jamie Begalka, Estelline, 42-0.25; 2. Sarah Kayser, Hanson, 38-7; 3. Val Sunderland, Centerville, 38-3; 4. (Tie) Hallie Hallock, Platte-Geddes, and Bailey Rudebusch, Howard, 36-4.5; 6. Kyla Sawvell, Wall, 36-3; 7. Rachel Astleford, White River, 35-5; 8. Carley Skorepa, Scotland, 35-1.5.

• High Jump — 1.Payton Johanneson, Andes Central, 5-3; 2. Jil Hofer, Canistota, 5-2; 3. Gabby Renelt, Wilmot, 4-11; 4. Beulah Blackcloud, Andes Central, 4-11; 5. Andrea Sokolowski, Irene-Wakonda, 4-11; 6. (Tie) Danille Seymour, Northwestern and McKenzie Hansen, RC Christian, 4-9; 8. (Tie) Hannah Herlyn, Parker; Myah Selland, Sanborn Central-Woonsocket; Ally Mullaney, Dell Rapids St. Mary and Shayna Mosbrucker, McIntosh, 4-9.

• Triple Jump — 1. Sara Heyn, Chester Area, 35-11.5; 2. Megan Adams, Harding County, 34-11.5; 3. Kacie Mudder, Avon, 34-7.5; 4. Mercades Genzler, Potter County, 34-6.75; 5. Sammie Popham, Florence-Henry, 34-4; 6. Daina Wilde, Castlewood, 34-3.75; 7. Kristen Longville, Lake Preston, 33-7; 8. Kirsten Paetow, Viborg-Hurley, 33-4.25.

• Pole Vault — 1. (Tie) Kristi Pond and Autumn Pitz, Ipswich, 10-0; 3. Rebecca Hybertson, Centerville, 9-0; 4. Tatum Ronke, Waverly-South Shore, 9-0; 5. Tara Heuer, Potter County, 8-6; 6. Ashley Emmick, Gayville-Volin, 8-6; 7. Taylor Maurer, Ipswich, 8-0; 8. Mae Duba, Platte-Geddes, 8-0.

Boys Division

• Team Scores — Platte-Geddes 31.5, Scotland 26, Irene-Wakonda 18, James Valley Christian 18, Parker 15, Newell 14, Viborg-Hurley 13, Menno 13, Philip 13, Potter County 12, Herreid-Selby Area 12, Sunshine Bible Academy 11, Chester Area 11, Bridgewater-Emery 10, Elkton-Lake Benton 8, Bison 8, Centerville 8, Waverly-South Shore 8, Burke-South Central 7, McIntosh 6, Sanborn Central-Woonsocket 6, Faith 5.5, Sully Buttes 5, De Smet 5, Wall 4, New Underwood 4, Edmunds Central 4, Gregory 4, Northwestern 3, Stanley County 2, Colman-Egan 2, Alcester-Hudson 2, Harding County 2, Canistota 1.

• 800 Run — 1. Logan Hansen, Viborg-Hurley, 2:01.52; 2. Cameron Harming, Elkton-Lake Benton, 2:02.58; 3. Rex Schlicht, Sanborn Central-Woonsocket, 2:03.69; 4. Nelson Holman, Philip, 2:04.08; 5. Brandon Koch, New Underwood, 2:04.32; 6. Jaden Brockel, Sunshine Bible Academy, 2:04.59; 7. Cole Kreich, Colman-Egan, 2:04.92; 8. Dylan Gehm, De Smet, 2:06.76.

• 3,200 Run — 1. Kendric Brantner, James Valley Christian, 10:19.81; 2. Zach Pettit, Platte-Geddes, 10:29.59; 3. Kray Person, Burke-South Central, 10:30.88; 4. Daniel Burkhalter, Bison, 10:31.04; 5. Jayden Waldner, James Valley Christian, 10:32.44; 6. Derek Boekelheide, Northwestern, 10:36.94; 7. Shay VanDenHemel, Stanley County, 10:37.02; 8. Garrett Rolph, Newell, 10:40.94.

• 3,200 Relay — 1. Platte-Geddes (Alex Gerlach, Alex Daum, Zach Pettit, Tate Wagner) 8:30.39; 2. Sunshine Bible Academy 8:34.08; 3. Philip 8:39.18; 4. Bridgewater-Emery 8:45.27; 5. James Valley Christian, 8;46.04; 6. Viborg-Hurley 8:50.17; 7. Alcester-Hudson 8:56.26; 8. Burke-South Central 8:57.57.

• Discus — 1. Dan Stibral, Scotland, 153-5; 2. Garrett Boylan, Newell, 151-4; 3. Christian Gruschin, Centerville, 148-9; 4. Caleb Preszler, Menno, 145-8; 5. Matt Campbell, Gregory, 145-6; 6. Austin Eppard, Chester Area, 140-1; 7. Scott Sentfner, Sully Buttes, 133-2; 8. Carson Hofer, Canistota, 130-4.

• Shot Put — 1. Dan Stibral, Scotland, 54-2.75; 2. Austin Handel, Menno, 50-7.25; 3. Levi Zavala, Irene-Wakonda, 50-0.75; 4. Garrett Boylan, Newell, 49-5.5; 5. Christian Small, De Smet, 47-8.25; 6. Scott Senftner, Sully Buttes, 46-5.25; 7. Jarett Jenson, Harding County, 45-9.75; 8. Shaye Bloch, Scotland, 45-7.5.

• High Jump — 1. Zack Anderson, Parker, 6-7.5 (meet record, old record 6-7.25, Austin Simons, Selby Area, 2007); 2. Haden Ewoldt, Chester Area, 6-3; 3. Kyle Mollman, McIntosh, 6-0; 4. Shaye Bloch, Scotland, 6-0; 5. Bryce Malsam, Edmunds Central, 6-0; 6. (tie) Lucas Miller, Bridgewater-Emery; Cole Buer, Bison and Malachi Girton, Platte-Geddes, 6-0.

• Triple Jump — 1. Luke Vogel, Potter County, 43-1.25; 2. Gabe King, Irene-Wakond, 41-9; 3. Carter Dykstra, 41-8.25; 4. Zack Anderson, Parker, 41-0.25; 5. Allan McDonnell, Wall, 40-10; 6. Sam Tusha, Bridgewater-Emery, 40-9.5; 7. Colton Hall, Potter County, 40-7.5; 8. Josh McKinstry, Bison, 40-3.5.

• Pole Vault — 1. Cooper Schaefbauer, Herreid-Selby Area, 13-3; 2. Tony Gross, Waverly-South Shore, 13-0; 3. (Tie) Tristen Rhoden, Faith and Parker Boyden, Platte-Geddes, 12-6; 5. Cody Oien, Irene-Wakonda, 12-0; 6. (Tie) Cooper West, Philip; Karsten Goehring, Herreid-Selby Area and Tyrell Martz, Centerville, 11-6.

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