EDITIOR’S NOTE: This is another installment in our profiles of youth archers who will be traveling to Yankton for the upcoming World Archery Youth Championships (WAYC), which begin June 8.

For being only 17 years old, Domagoj Buden has already built up quite the archery resume.

Buden, who lives in the Croatian capital of Zagreb (with a metro population of over one million residents), is the current World and European Cadet champion, and two years ago won the World title in China.

He answered a few questions by email with the Press & Dakotan in advance of the WAYC.

P&D: How long have you been shooting? What do you like most about archery? 

Buden: I’ve been shooting for 10 years now, and what I like most about archery is traveling and superb friends.

How did you get started in archery? 

I’ve got started with archery by watching my sister shoot and travel the world so I was like, ‘Hey, I wanna do that.’

What did you have to do to qualify for this tournament? 

I had to shoot two times over the score of 693 to qualify for this tournament.

What does this tournament mean to you? 

This tournament is my first major tournament as a junior since it is my first junior year and I’m just super happy to be able to attend a shoot like that.

How many people from your team are coming? 

There are three archers and one coach coming from Croatia.

What are you most looking forward to on the trip? 

The thing I look forward to is to travel to one of my favorite countries in the world and hopefully buy a lot of beef jerky.

What should people know about archery in your country? 

Well, Croatia is a really small country and archery is not really well represented here but we have a small group of amazing archers who keep bringing home the international medals

What are you hoping to accomplish on your trip? 

My goals for this week are to be able to say at the end of the week that I made good shots and I had fun. Everything else is out of my hands!

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