Yankton put five runners in the top seven of the JV girls’ race at the Yankton Junior Varsity Invitational cross country meet, held Tuesday at Fox Run Golf Course.

No team points were kept.

Claire Tereshinski (21:40.63), Ava Johanneson (21:50.92) and Kahlen Peterson (21:56.50) went 1-2-3 for the Gazelles in the 4,000-meter event. Norfolk’s Madison Hall (22:30.86) was fourth, followed by Yankton’s Nora Welker (22:57.18), Harrisburg’s Sarah Jensen (23:02.62) and Yankton’s Remy Kusel (23:04.70).

Norfolk’s Daniel Weitzmann (18:23.05) and Devan Schmit (18:34.41) went 1-2 in the 4,000-meter JV boys’ race. Yankton’s Bryton Olson (18:45.83) and Taylor Wenzlaff (18:54.03) finished third and fourth, with the Bucks’ Oliver Dooley (19:22.75) and Keenan Wagner (19:36.71) seventh and eighth.

Harrisburg’s Addison Reilly won the 4,000-meter junior high girls’ race in 16:48.04, beating out a pair of Gazelles, Abby Johanneson (17:28.36) and Mary Rounds (17:30.23).

Norfolk’s David Protzman won the 4,000-meter junior high boys’ race in 14:56.20. Yankton’s Luke Jacobson (16:23.84) was second, followed by Norfolk’s Ayden Christensen (16:25.33) and Yankton’s Lucas Feimer (16:25.67).

Yankton’s sub-varsity squads will join the varsity at the final meet of the regular season, the Huron Invitational on Thursday.


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