Fresh off a sixth place finish at the Brookings Invitational Saturday, the Yankton gymnastics team hosted Brookings and Harrisburg in a triangular in Yankton Monday night.

The Gazelles did not make many changes to their routines from Saturday’s event, but head coach Justin Olson said that helped the girls’ confidence in their routines going into this meet.

“Some of the things we added (for the Brookings Invite) got even better,” Olson said. “The first time they put them into competition was Saturday, so they were able to get those nerves out of the way. Their confidence was a lot higher coming out today, and competing in a familiar place is not going to hurt.”

Yankton finished third in the team standings, with a score of 135.8. Harrisburg (139.4) won the triangular with Brookings (136.9) coming in second.

Harrisburg’s Kenzee Danielson (37.4) claimed the all-around title, with Rachel Gannon (36.25) of Brookings finishing second. Danielson won on the uneven parallel bars (9.05) and the vault (9.8).

Brinly Sanderson of Harrisburg won on the balance beam (9.45), and Yankton’s Ava Koller and Brookings’ Rachel Gannon tied for first in the floor exercise (9.35).

The Gazelles were led by Koller, who finished third in the all-around (35.45). Alison Johnson (34.9) finished fourth and Callie Boomsma (32.0) rounded out the top ten in tenth.

Hailee Gilbery (31.85) finished 11th, Allie Byrkeland (31.75) 12th and Mackenzie Steinbreche (30.95) 15th.

Koller finished tied for first in the floor exercise, third on the beam (9.3), sixth on the vault (8.65) and tenth on the bars (8.15). Johnson finished tied for second on the vault (9.0) and bars (8.7), sixth on the balance beam (8.8) and tied for ninth in the floor exercise (8.4).

Boomsma finished in the top ten in the bars (seventh) and floor exercise (eighth).Gilbery was in the top ten on the vault (fourth) and beam (ninth). Byrkeland tied with Johnson for ninth on the floor exercise.

“We had a great environment, the crowd was great, and Brookings and Harrisburg are two good teams in the ESD that we are chasing and continuously battling against,” Olson said. “It was a high energy atmosphere and I’m really pleased with how it turned out for us.”

Monday’s triangular was the first of three consecutive home meets for the Gazelles. Yankton returns to action Jan 21, hosting Vermillion. Then, the Gazelles host Madison and Huron on Jan 23.

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TEAM SCORES: Harrisburg 139.4, Brookings 136.9, Yankton 135.8

ALL-AROUND (top-5): 1, Kenzee Danielson, Harrisburg 37.4; 2, Rachel Gannon, Brookings 36.25; 3, Ava Koller, Yankton 35.45; 4, Alison Johnson, Yankton 34.9; 5, Sierra Stevens, Brookings 34.75; OTHER YHS — 10, Callie Boomsma 32.0; 11, Hailee Gilbery 31.85; 12, Allie Byrkeland 31.75; 15, Mackenzie Steinbrecher 30.95

BARS: 1, Kenzee Danielson, Harrisburg 9.05; t2, Alison Johnson, Yankton 8.7; t2, Rachel Gannon, Brookings 8.7; 4, Izzy Reiners, Harrisburg 8.65; 5, Tayla Dobrenski, Brookings 8.6; OTHER YHS — 7, Callie Boomsma 8.4; 10, Ava Koller 8.15; 12, Allie Byrkeland 7.9; 15, Mackenzie Steinbrecher 7.5

BEAM: 1, Brinley Sanderson, Harrisburg 9.45; 2, Kenzee Danielson, Harrisburg 9.4; 3, Ava Koller, Yankton 9.3; 4, Rachel Gannon, Brookings 9.2; 5, Sierra Stevens, Brookings 9.0; OTHER YHS — 6, Alison Johnson 8.8; 9, Hailee Gilbery 8.15; 11, Alie Byrkeland 7.05; 12, Callie Boomsma 6.9; 13, Mackenzie Steinbrecher 6.9

FLOOR: 1, Ava Koller, Yankton 9.35; 2, Rachel Gannon, Brookings 9.35; 3, Kenzee Danielson, Harrisburg 9.15; 4, Sierra Stevens, Brookings 8.8; 5, Izzy Reiners, Harrisburg 8.75; OTHER YHS — 8, Callie Boomsma 8.45; t9, Alison Johnson 8.4; t9, Allie Byrkeland 8.4; 12, Mackenzie Steinbrecher 8.2; 15, Hailee Gilbery 8.1; 16, Josie Cox 8.05

VAULT: 1, Kenzee Danielson, Harrisburg 9.8; t2, Alison Johnson, Yankton 9.0; t2, Rachel Gannon, Brookings 9.0; t4, Hailee Gilbery, Yankton 8.7; t4, Sierra Stevens, Brookings 8.7; OTHER YHS — t6, Ava Koller 8.65; t12, Allie Byrkeland 8.4; 14, Mackenzie Steinbrecher 8.35; t15, Callie Boomsma 8.25

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