HARRISBURG —The Yankton Gazelles finished the regular season with a 20-5 dual record after a split of a girls’ tennis triangular on Thursday in Harrisburg.

Harrisburg downed Yankton 6-3, completing a season sweep of the Gazelles. For Yankton, Maggie Schaefer and Nora Krajewski won in singles, then teamed up for a victory in doubles play.

Yankton swept Sioux Falls Washington in the final dual of the season, 9-0. Nora Krajewski and Sabrina Krajewski each earned 10-0 wins in singles play. Schaefer and Nora Krajewski, and Sabrina Krajewski and Addison Gordon each earned 10-0 victories in doubles play.

Yankton now prepares for the Eastern South Dakota Conference Championships, Tuesday in Huron.


SINGLES: Maggie Schaefer Y def. Emma Rangel 10-6; Nora Krajewski Y def. Nicole Lin 10-1; Eloise Geraets H def. Sabrina Krajewski 11-9 (8-6); Madelyn Eisenbeisz H def. Frannie Kouri 10-6; Madeline Grabow H def. Kayla Marsh 10-2; Mckenzie Vickery H def. Paige Mitzel 10-1

DOUBLES: Schaefer-N. Krajewski Y def. Rangel-Lin 10-2; Geraets-Grabow H def. S. Krajewski-Addison Gordon 10-4; Eisenbeisz-Vickery H def. Kouri-Marsh 10-3


SINGLES: Maggie Schaefer Y def. Kara Gary 10-1; Nora Krajewski Y def. Grace Fromknecht 10-0; Sabrina Krajewski Y def. Molly Mullen 10-0; Frannie Kouri Y def. Zoriah VanDeVendel 10-2; Kayla Marsh Y def. Camilla Griffin 10-1; Paige Mitzel Y def. Peyton Hellwig 10-2

DOUBLES: Schaefer-N. Krajewski Y def. Gary-Fromknecht 10-0; S. Krajewski-Addison Gordon Y def. Mullen-VanDeVendel 10-0; Kouri-Marsh Y def. Griffin-Hellwig 10-1

JV: Mitzel Y def. Kylee Olson 8-0


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