BROOKINGS — The Yankton Gazelles beat Brookings and Milbank to open the 2019 girls’ tennis season on Thursday in Brookings. Yankton beat Brookings 9-0 and Milbank 7-2.

Josephine Krajewski, Maggie Schaefer, Maddie Binder, Stacia Sherman and Ashlyn McGhee each went 2-0 in singles play for Yankton. Schaefer and Sherman, and Binder and McGhee each teamed up to go 2-0 in doubles. Also for Yankton, Lauren Moon went 1-1 in singles, and teamed with Krajewski to go 1-1 in doubles.

Yankton travels to Vermillion to face Vermillion and Lennox on Tuesday.


SINGLES: Josephine Krajewski Y def. Skylor Ness 10-4; Maggie Schaefer Y def. Lynn Foster 10-0; Lauren Moon Y def. Tristina Ting 11-10 (7-5); Maddie Binder Y def. Paige Foster 10-1; Stacia Sherman Y def. Isha Hooda 10-0; Ashlyn McGhee Y def. Grace Heier 10-0

DOUBLES: Krajewski-Moon Y def. Ness-Foster 10-2; Schaefer-Sherman Y def. Foster-Ting 10-0; Binder-McGhee Y def. Rae Nupen-Brea Tonsager 10-1


SINGLES: Josephine Krajewski Y def. Halli Essington 10-3; Maggie Schaefer Y def. Rhianna Cantine 10-1; Hattie Muellenbach M def. Lauren Moon 10-3; Maddie Binder Y def. Rhianna Welberg 10-2; Stacia Sherman Y def. Alexis Ninneman 10-2; Ashlyn McGhee Y def. Jenna Johnson 10-4

DOUBLES: Essington-Huellenbach M def. Krajewski-Moon 10-4; Schaefer-Sherman Y def. Cantine-Welberg 10-3; Binder-McGhee Y def. Hope Karels-Lydia Street 10-5


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