Fortunately for Gyozo Szabo, his son takes things in stride.

Otherwise, what was already a long and exhausting trip across the globe might have gotten the better of the father and son tandem from Hungary.

As they landed in Chicago on their journey to Yankton for the International Field Archery Association (IFAA) World Bowhunter Championships, Gyozo realized he either misplaced or forgot his license.

That meant he and his son had to hop on a bus, instead of on an airplane, for the trip to South Dakota.

“He’s very calm under pressure,” Gyozo said of his 14-year-old son, Szebasztian. “He said, ‘No problem.’

There was, at least, a silver lining to the frustration, according to Gyozo, who translated for his son.

“He got to see more of the country,” Gyozo joked following Tuesday’s opening round at the ranges out near Lewis & Clark Lake.

All in all, the travel hiccup had its benefits, he added.

“It was very nice,” Gyozo said. “The country was very nice, and my son liked to see all the big trucks.”

Instead of having their own vehicle for transport around Yankton this week, the Szabo tandem will catch rides from fellow archers — to and from their hotel and ranges, and then to the airport in Sioux Falls.

The journey marks Szebasztian’s first trip to the United States, although he has traveled all over the world for various archery tournaments.

His father, meanwhile, has made a handful of trips to the United States throughout his archery career — Gyozo said he has friends in California that he will occasionally visit.

Szebasztian holds numerous Hungarian, European and world records, according to his father.

“He’s only 14, but he’s really good,” Gyozo, with a smile.

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