Ava Koller led the Yankton Gazelles to victory in a gymnastics dual against the Vermillion Tanagers on Tuesday night in Yankton.

“She’s a competitor, and just a gifted athlete,” Yankton Head Coach Jason Olson said. “She didn’t have the best warm-ups but you could see it in her demeanor that she just a happy-go-lucky kid, so it didn’t bother her at all, it didn’t faze her, so when she got up and performed her routines she did a really good job.”

Koller won first place in All-Around with a score of 33.9, while teammate Alison Johnson finished in second place with a score of 33.7. Overall, the Gazelles scored 133.65 points while Vermillion scored 118.95.

“Initially, I thought that the girls came out and they competed. Every time that we’ve had a home meet, I‘ve thought the girls came out and did what they needed to do,” Olson said. “Overall, I thought the girls did a good job of executing their routines and coming against Vermillion, that’s one of our favorite duals to have. “

Koller won the Vault (9.00), while Johnson took the victory in both the Vault (8.90) and the Bars (8.50).

The Tanagers, meanwhile, had their best meet of the year according to Head Coach Shannon Fitzsimmons. Mackenzie Brady won the Beam for Vermillion with a score of 8.50, while also finishing in fourth All-Around with a score of 32.15.

“We were pleased with our performance. The girls have been working on becoming more consistent as a team and tonight, I think we went out there with confidence, and that helped us with our consistency, and helped us get our highest score of the season.”

In the Junior Varsity competition, Yankton finished with a team scored 107.25 points, while Vermillion had 53.55 points. For Yankton, Rachel Clark won the Bars with a score of 6.00, while Avery Reifenrath won the Beam with a score of 6.60 and also won the All-Around with a score of 27.10. Yankton would also have victories in the Floor and Vault, as Isabelle Ferdig won the Floor with a score of 7.95, and Trinity Johnson won the Vault with a score of 8.30.

Now, as the season progresses towards the state meet in February, both teams are using this meet to help them achieve their end-of-the-year goals

“We are just trying to continue to climb up the ladder. Our goal is to be consistent in the mid-to-upper 130s. So if we can do that we can be a team that can be able to contend for making it to the state meet and then hopefully getting on the podium as well,” Olson said. “But the works in their hands, we just got to get out there and continue to work hard, we’ve got to take advantage of the practice time that we get, and keep taking steps forward.”

“They have been putting a lot of hard work in the gym and we’re just trying to peak at the right time, and the girls are heading in that direction and I just feel like their attitudes and their efforts will hopefully pay off towards the end of the season here,” Fitzsimmons said.

Now the Tanagers will get ready for their home Triangular on Jan. 30th. Yankton, meanwhile, will have a quick turnaround, as they host Huron and Madison in a triangular on Thursday. And while tonight was not the Gazelles best score of the year, Coach Olson believes that they can use the meet tonight to make improvements on Thursday.

“Overall, I’m happy were we are at, we still have some work to do. Of course, just like any sport things don’t go the way that you would set up to have,” Olson said. “That’s one of those things were I told them ‘Hey, celebrate the good that happened today and the things that didn’t go quite that your way, you flush it and come back tomorrow and work on those things because we have a meet again Thursday night.”

The Thursday triangular in Yankton will begin at 6 p.m.

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TEAM SCORES: Yankton 133.65, Vermillion 118.95

ALL-AROUND: 1, Ava Koller Y 33.9; 2, Alison Johnson Y 33.7; 3, Callie Boomsma Y 32.6; 4, Mackenzie Brady V 32.15; 5, Allie Byrkeland Y 30.95; 6, Mackenzie Steinbrecher Y 30.8; 7, Hailee Gilbery Y 30.65; 8, Tori Farmer V 29.3; 9, Maya Radigan V 25.85; 10, Abby Roob 24.65

BARS: 1, Alison Johnson Y 8.5; 2, Allie Byrkeland Y 7.85; 3, Callie Boomsma Y 7.8; 4, Ava Koller 7.75; 5, Mackenzie Steinbrecher Y 7.6; 6, Mackenzie Brady V 7.55; 7, Isabelle Ferdig Y 7.25; 8, Tori Varmer V 7.05; 9, Serena Gapp V 6.9; 10, Hailee Gilbery Y 6.75; 11, Maya Radigan V 6.45; 12, Abby Roob V 4.1

BEAM: 1, Mackenzie Brady V 8.5; 2, Ava Koller Y 8.45; 3, Isabelle Ferdig Y 8.25; 4, Serna Gapp V 8.05; 5, Hailee Gilbery Y 8.0; 6, Callie Boomsma Y 7.95; 7, Alison Johnson Y 7.75; 8, Allie Byrkeland Y 7.7; 9, Tori Farmer V 6.8; 10, Mackenzie Steinbrecher Y 6.3; 11, Maya Radigan V 5.85; 12, Abby Roob V 5.7; 13, Mercedes Hoffman V 5.65

FLOOR: 1, Ava Koller Y 9.0; 2, Alison Johnson Y 8.55; t3, Callie Boomsma Y, Mackenzie Steinbrecher Y 8.5; 5, Maya Radigan V 7.75; 7, Josie Cox Y 7.65; 8, Allie Byrkeland Y 7.5; 9, Hailee Gilbery Y 7.35; 10, Mercedes Hoffman V 7.25; t11, Abby Roob V, Tori Farmer V 7.2

VAULT: 1, Alison Johnson Y 8.9; 2, Ava Koller Y 8.7; 3, Hailee Gilbery Y 8.55; t4, Mackenzie Brady V, Mackenzie Steinbrecher Y 8.4; 6, Callie Boomsma Y 8.35; 7, Tori Farmer V 8.25; 8, Isabelle Ferdig Y 7.95; 10, Abby Roob V 7.65; 11, Mercedes Hoffman V 7.6; 12, Maya Radigan V 5.8


TEAM SCORES: Yankton 107.25, Vermillion 53.55

ALL-AROUND: 1, Avery Reifenrath Y 27.1; 2, Rachel Clark Y 27.05; 3, Hope Lesher Y 25.4; 4, Zoey Thorsted Y 24.3; 5, Payge McCloud Y 20.6

BARS: 1, Rachel Clark Y 6.0; 2, Avery Reifenrath Y 5.3; 3, Hope Lesher Y 5.15; 4, Zoey Thorsted Y 4.0; 5, Jasmin Peitz Y 3.65; t6, Isabelle Newcombe V, Tona Allison V 3.2; 8, Haily Ericsson V 2.4; 9, Payge McCloud Y 2.3; 10, Emily Tienter V 2.25; 11, Shaelynn Puckett V 1.6

BEAM: 1, Avery Reifenrath Y 6.6; 2, Trinity Johnson Y 6.2; t3, Hope Lesher Y, Isabelle Newcombe V 6.05; 5, Jasmin Peitz Y 5.65; t6, Payge McCloud Y, Zoey Thorsted Y 5.5; 8, Rachel Clarke Y 5.3; 9, Tona Allison V 4.8; t10, Emily Tienter V; Haily Ericsson V 4.75; 12, Shaelynn Puckett V 4.3; 13, Kaurie Lucas V 3.85; 14, Abigail Christansen V 2.5

FLOOR: 1, Isabelle Ferdig Y 7.95; 2, Avery Reifenrath Y 7.7; 3, Trinity Johnson Y 7.55; 4, Rachel Clark Y 7.5; 5, Zoey Thorsted Y 7.4; 6, Hope Lesher Y 6.65; 7, Tona Allison V 6.6; 8, Shaelynn Puckett V 6.15; 9, Payge McCloud Y 5.7; 10, Isabelle Newcombe V 5.55; 11, Emily Tienter V 3.85; 12, Abigail Christansen V 3.45; 13, Kaurie Lucas V 3.35

VAULT: 1, Trinity Johnson Y 8.3; 2, Rachel Clark Y 8.25; 3, Hope Lesher Y 7.55; 4, Avery Reifenrath Y 7.5; 5, Zoey Thorsted Y 7.4; 6, Payge McCloud Y 7.1; 7, Jasmin Peitz 6.7


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