A rally idea from a player’s old team helped give the Yankton Fury 18s an unofficial nickname.

“The Furry Ducks.”

Tori Herrboldt had spent a couple of summers playing away from Yankton. During one of those summers, one of the fathers had a duck call that would get used when the team had a rally going.

“We wanted one, so one of the parents found some plastic ones on the internet and gave us each one,” Herrboldt said. “When I left the team, I’d forgotten I had it.”

Earlier this summer Herrboldt came across it and brought it out.

“They thought it was cool,” she said.

Since the team started using the duck call in games, it has preceded or followed an announcement from the dugout about how many “ducks” are “on the pond.” “Ducks on the pond” is a phrase used to describe runners on the bases.

“Some like to call us the ‘Furry Ducks,’” Herrboldt said. “It brings everyone up.”

Fury 18s coach Doug Marquardt originally thought the duck call was just “some corny little noisemaker until I heard the ‘ducks on the pond.’

“Then it made sense,” he said. “It’s something that the girls could use to feed positive energy. And whatever you can do to keep players motivated and high-energy pays off.”

Coach Marquardt has also utilized a different “cool” motivator.

“This weekend cost me a lot of ice cream,” he said. “You’d think they would be a little old for that.”

The positive energy has even spread into the stands.

“Even our parents were very motivating in a positive way,” Coach Marquardt said. “I thought them might try to get the wave going.”

The duck call is one of many things that have the Fury 18s with their “ducks in a row.” The team won the 18-under division of the YGSA Invitational on Sunday.

“We’ve been working well together,” Herrboldt said. “When you have a team that bonds together, it’s easy to play, to win, to be happy for one another.”

Fury Red Run

A little home cooking and a team rounding into form helped the Yankton Fury Red win the 14-under ‘Gold’ bracket title on Sunday.

Fury Red (20-7) went 5-0 on the weekend and completed a 9-0 week.

“We put together some wins at the right time,” Fury Red coach Chad Gordon said. “It really worked out well for us.”

Fury Red had all three of its pitchers earn at least one victory in the pitching circle. Of the 12 players on the roster, 11 had at least three hits on the weekend, with the other walking three times in her six plate appearances.

“All 12 of our players found a way to produce,” Gordon said. “They are 12 players that have been committed to this team for a number of years.

“Everyone pulled their weight. And, when everybody does their job, good things happen.”

The Fury Red have three tournaments left on their schedule: this coming weekend in Watertown, the Ringneck in Sioux Falls July 5-7, and the state tournament July 12-14 in Sioux Falls.

“This (win) should help the girls’ confidence,” Gordon said. “We have three tournaments in the next four weeks. Hopefully this is a springboard to more successful runs in the tournaments ahead.”

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