HURON — Elk Point’s Riley Donnelly won four events between two go-arounds in the Huron Regional High School Rodeo, May 31-June 2 in Huron.

Donnelly dominated the first go, winning in breakaway roping (2.830), girls’ cutting (61.0) and pole bending (21.277). In the second go, she won girls’ cutting (61.0), and ranked second in breakaway roping (3.170) and pole vending (21.59).

Alcester’s Dillon Sackett won tiedown in the first go, scoring 11.010. He was second in the second go (12.320).

Beresford’s Carter Kennedy won steer wrestling in the second go with a mark of 4.170. He was also third (13.930) in the first go of tiedown.

Also for area competitors:

— Lexy Leischner of Parkston: 5th (10.160, 2nd go) in goat tying; 10th (17.856, 1st go) in barrel racing

— Kaysee Christensen of Beresford: 7th (12.640, 1st go) in breakaway roping

— Natalie Zacharias of Wagner: 7th (4.360, 2nd go) in breakaway roping

— Jessica Kott of Platte: 8th (17.702, 1st go) in barrel racing; 9th (22.510, 2nd go) in pole bending

— Rachel Kelderman of Hudson: 9th (15.670, 1st go) in breakaway roping

— Levi Heckenlaible of Menno: 9th (22.000, 1st go) in tiedown

— Shane Andersen of Hurley: 2nd (18.790, 2nd go) in steer wrestling; 8th (15.77, 2nd go) and 10th (22.080, 1st go) in tiedown


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