With difficult playing conditions due to high winds on Thursday, day two of the Hillcrest Pro-Am was picture perfect golfing weather.

Temperatures in the 80s and little to no wind on Friday made things much easier on the golfers and their scores.

“Thursday was pretty out of control. It was really hard to know where the ball was going to go,” said Pro Tour member Jonathon Hogan. “You couldn’t have nicer weather out there today (Friday). It made the game a lot truer.”

Hogan, a recent graduate of Long Beach St., is golfing in his first event in the Midwest. He is a native of Solvang, California.

“Thursday was definitely like a Midwest day on the course. I tried to prepare myself for those conditions by playing a course back home that is up in the hills and has more wind,” said Hogan. “I thought I was prepared, but it was wind that I have never seen.”

Friday’s weather was a forecast that Hogan was much more familiar with. “This is what the California weather is on most days.”

The ‘California weather’ meant for lower scores in both the amateur and pro division. While most golfers, Hogan included, try to focus on their game rather than their surroundings, Mother Nature does make a difference.

But in the end, “we all play in the same conditions,” said Hogan.

Local Enjoys The Action

Elite golfers are showcasing their talents at Hillcrest for the 44th annual Pro-Am. Both amateur and professional players are displaying their fined tuned golf games.

With one of Yankton’s most elite golf events of the year taking place, it is only fitting that one of Yankton’s biggest sports fans is in attendance.

Pat Frank can be seen at nearly all of the Mount Marty College and Yankton High School sporting events, and on Friday, he could be found at Hillcrest taking in the action.

“I always come on Friday afternoon,” said Pat Frank. “I like to watch my high school friend Justin Rhorer from Kansas City play golf.”

Pat not only attends the Pro-Am every year, but most years, Pat along with his family, host a professional golfer. This year Pat and company are hosting professional golfer Brad Marek of San Francisco, CA.

“I like to watch the amateurs and pros,” said Pat Frank. “There is so much going on. It is fun to be out here.”

Pat walked the course on Friday following his high school friend Rhorer and his group of golfers.

It is safe to say that Pat Frank is not only one of the Hillcrest Pro-Am’s biggest fans, but one of Yankton’s biggest and most supportive fans.

No Stranger To Hillcrest

When Larry Meyer teed off on the opening day of 44th annual Hillcrest Pro-Am, it would mark the 31st time Meyer had taken part of the event.

“It was a beautiful day on the course,” said Meyer. “The greens were fast, and I have to say I played pretty average.”

While he is no stranger to the Hillcrest Pro-Am, Meyer was playing alongside Matt Erlandson and Jeff Friman. Two teammates he has not golfed with in the event.

It is participants like Meyer, who golf the event year after year, that make the Hillcrest Pro-Am such a desired destination by professional golfers.

If you talk to a professional taking part in the Pro-Am, the average golfer will tell you that the event at Hillcrest has a star by it on the calendar. It also has one of the biggest purses on tour, meaning larger payouts.

So what exactly has kept Larry Meyer coming back to the course for over three decades?

“The outside chance that I might actually have a good score someday,” said Meyer with a laugh.

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