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What is NIE? NIE stands for Newspapers in Education and it is a national program to help educators incorporate newspapers into their students’ daily curriculum. The NIE concept can be traced back all the way to June 8, 1795 when the Portland (Maine) Eastern Herald published the following editorial:

Much has been said and written on the utility of newspaper; but one principal advantage which might be derived from these publications has been neglected; we mean that of reading them in schools, and by the children in families. Try it for one session — Do you wish your child to improve reading solely, give him a newspaper – it furnishes a variety, some parts of which must infallibly touch his fancy. Do you wish to instruct him in geography, nothing will so indelibly fix the relative situation of different places, as the stories and events published in the papers. In time, do you wish to have him acquainted with the manners of country or city, the mode of doing business, public or private; or do you wish him to have a smattering of every kind of science useful and amusing, give him a newspaper – newspapers are plenty and cheap – the cheapest book that can be bought, and the more you buy the better for your children, because every part furnishes some new and valuable information!*

The amount of information that can be gained from a newspaper goes well beyond just reading comprehension. Students are encouraged to not only read the articles but to think past that and evaluate the how and why of the newspaper itself. Why are articles placed where they are? How does the content affect the community? And so on. This helps to promote critical thinking, communication and reading skills. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to newspapers value in a classroom setting. With new articles being written every day covering all corners of the world the amount of uses for a newspaper inside a classroom is virtually limitless!

Educators are given access to many free curriculum ideas and guides to help them incorporate this valuable learning tool into every day use.

Press & Dakotan

At the Press & Dakotan we take our commitment to this program very seriously and we take great pride in being a part of it. We currently deliver over 700 papers every day to the local schools in the area! We also publish a “Kids Corner” section once a week which is geared towards the NIE program.

We are not the only ones involved with bringing this amazing program to our community schools. Many of our local stores donate a part of their newspaper sales to help offset the cost of printing and delivering the paper.

You can help too!

That’s right! You can help keep this wonderful program going by donating part of your subscription balance to the NIE program. Many people, when requesting a temporary vacation stop, will donate those days to the NIE program. For example, if you were going to temporarily stop your subscription for 5 days while you were out of town, instead of requesting a vacation pack or asking for an extension on the end date of your subscription, you can donate what you have already paid for to the NIE program! Every little bit helps and these donations are a key part of keeping newspapers in the classrooms.

There is a lot of information on the web about the NIE program, including sample curriculums which you can view at no cost. We invite you to visit sites such as The American Press Institute to get even more information.