FREEMAN — On the heels of a wildly popular launch in 2018, the South Dakota Chislic Festival (SDCF) has released the first of several announcements describing their plans for the 2019 Festival.

Most significant will be a shift in venue to the Freeman Prairie Arboretum on the grounds of Freeman Academy. Developed in 1999, the 40-acre area in the southwest corner of Freeman has been developed into one of this region’s most beautiful and overlooked vistas. Ponds, grasses, plants, and flowers and more than a mile’s worth of walking paths all combine to create one of the state’s most beautiful parks.

“After planning for 1,500-2,000 people and having at least 8,000 attendees in less than four hours, we heard the message loud and clear: “more room, more chislic, more, frankly, of everything.” said Joshua Hofer, founder of the South Dakota Chislic Festival and a member of the SDCF Board of Directors. “People saw what we put together in 45 days last year. Now they are going to see what we can do in 12 months.”

This year’s event will be a full-day on July 27, 2019, featuring multiple bands on the Prairie Rose Arboretum stage and live entertainment throughout. It will feature a massively expanded layout, allowing for more large-scale chislic booths, craft beer tents, and more. The well-received chislic competitions will return, with grill enthusiasts and cooks from across the region battling it out to determine who makes “the state’s best chislic.”

Vendor applications are being finalized and will be made available before the end of 2018.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this venue move and have big plans ahead,” says Hofer. “The future is bright for Freeman and the Chislic Circle.”

For more information, follow the Festival’s social media pages on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat, then head to the Festival’s website at To contact the festival regarding sponsorship opportunities, vendor spots, or other items, contact them through their website today.

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