LENNOX — Women in the Yankton area are asked to submit their stories about their life on the farm for a new book titled, “The Real Farm Wives of South Dakota.”

South Dakota native Jeanette Ulmer of Lennox is writing a series of books about Midwestern farm life, as told from the women who live it. Her debut book, “The Real Farm Wives of South Dakota,” is slated to be published in 2020.

Ulmer has plans for subsequent volumes featuring North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas farm wives.

Currently, Ulmer is gathering stories from current or former farm wives, or farmer’s daughters, about their experiences growing up on, or currently living on, a farm. Select stories will be published in the book. All published authors will receive a complimentary copy of the book.

“South Dakota is rich in farming history with women playing an integral role in the day- to-day operations,” said Ulmer. “It is important that the stories from the current and past generations of farm wives be recorded. In doing so, the legacy of South Dakota’s farming history will be more completely preserved and their stories of triumph, tragedy, fun and laughter, awe and inspiration will be heard.”

Ulmer’s goal is to collect stories from each county in South Dakota. Stories submitted should be factual, real-life experiences of the farm wives’ lives and can include topics such as: self reflection, stories about family, pets, livestock or crops, etc. Stories of all topics are encouraged, such as spiritual, profound, sad, happy, funny, inspirational, mundane, serious, strange, extraordinary, etc. There are no requirements or restrictions on word count. Writers can submit one or more stories.

The deadline to submit is Aug. 1, 2019.

Ulmer added, “I watched my grandmas and mom work all day every day on the farms right next to my grandpas and dad. Those women raised gardens and children, helped outside with livestock and crops, made all the meals and kept the household running smoothly — oftentimes with little to no thanks or voice. They were creative in finding solutions to problems and witnessed countless little miracles and joys every day. My goal in writing these books is to give a voice to those experiences because there is so much to share and I want to preserve this portion of local female history.”

For more information, or to submit a story, visit www.RealFarmWife.com or submit stories by email to: MyStory@RealFarmWife.com. In-person or phone interviews can be arranged if necessary (due to inaccessibility to email or communication restrictions) call 605-988-4576 to make arrangements.

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