Korey Mensch is an owner and grower at the commercial greenhouse in Avon. Thanks to Mensch for his down-home tips as spring approaches.

“When the days start getting longer and spring is approaching I always hear  ‘Can’t wait to get out there.’ What is stopping you?” Mensch said.

• While the ground is still frozen, it’s time to start that cleanup session. Get out to your beds and gardens and get all that debris off to expose that soil so it can start to warm and thaw.

• When thawed out, don’t waste any time, get the ground worked up. Expose the weed seeds that have blown into some good conditions and get a lot of them to germinate.  Work the soils several times with 10-14 days in between to make weeding during the summer months a much easier job.

• After getting worked several times, your soil should be fluffed and ready to plant, but still don’t bother to rush. You should always plant early if you want to plant twice. Springs around here are so unpredictable, that there is no definite date to set yourself for starting. When the long range forecast starts to eliminate frost, it is time to plant only the hardier crops like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, radish and on. Planting should be spread out for the more sensitive crops. For example, sweet potatoes shouldn’t be planted until the ground is downright hot and the nights are staying warm.

•  When planning your planting, don’t be afraid to try something new, whether it’s a new variety of tomato or flowering perennial. New is usually good. New varieties are usually developed with a purpose, be it disease resistance, habit, yield or flower power. The same variety that your grandparents swore by might not be the best option anymore, even if it is available.    

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