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Terry Winter of Yankton is a seasoned gardener. Space and time confine what plants he overwinters but he chooses to care for the amaryllis year round after the bloom is gone, in order to see it come again when it’s bleak and snowy. “I must have thirty amaryllis plants. I can’t throw one away,” he said. These are his steps for year round amaryllis care:

• If you start amaryllis as a bulb, decide when you prefer the bulb to bloom and a while ahead, put the bulb in a pot not much bigger than the bulb. Set the plant in indirect sunlight and water and fertilize as a houseplant [and enjoy its bloom].

• Trim off stem once amaryllis bloom is done. The plant will put out new leaves. Water as a houseplant and keep plant in indirect sunlight and enjoy leaves.

• After last frost of spring, I set my amaryllis plants under a tree in shade. In sun they will burn. Water, fertilize, and care for them like other container plants.

• I bring the pots in, in early fall and put them in the basement behind the furnace. All the foliage dries up. [You can take the bulbs out of the pot for storage and repot them before they bloom again.]

• Ahead of when you want it to bloom at Christmas or in late winter, remove dried foliage [from the bulb]. Remove a bit of soil and add fresh soil. Set the plant in indirect sunlight and water and fertilize as a houseplant.

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