If Only In Your Halloween Dreams

Gram Doobie (center, played by Sue Fields) tells neighborhood children some truly terrifying ghost stories in a scene from the play “Halloween Dreams,” which is being presented by the Lewis and Clark Theatre Company at the Dakota Theatre in downtown Yankton. The comedy involves a family that loves to celebrate Halloween suddenly finding itself plunged into some real-life ghoulishness when a series of murders takes place. The play opens Oct. 17. 

Costumes, decorations, trick-or-treating and a classic whodunnit.

With its upcoming production, the Lewis and Clark Theatre Company (LCTC) is pulling out all the stops to get the community in the Halloween spirit.

The LCTC will present “Halloween Dreams” Oct. 17-21 and Oct. 25-27 at the Dakota Theatre in Yankton. All performances will take place at 7:30 p.m. except on Sundays, which will feature matinees at 2 p.m.

“It’s a little spooky, but it’s for all ages,” said director Tara Gill. “There’s comedy, drama and mystery. It’s a great family show to get ready for the Halloween season.”

In the Don Swartz play, Gram Doobie (Sue Fields) is a Halloween fanatic. She takes over her daughter Autumn’s (Suzanne Leonard) household during the entire month of October with decorations, costumes and other holiday festivities.

“The grandma is the queen of Halloween,” Gill said. “She loves it and embraces it starting Oct. 1, and all the grandkids are into it, too. It’s a big holiday adventure.”

All is well — until an ax murderer invades the small town.

“A serial killer is starting to kill people and the family gets nervous,” Gill said. “It could be anyone.”

The two youngest grandchildren start acting out and playing pranks, while the eldest, Norman (Sam Carda), begins to worry everyone by spending a lot of time away from home.

With the household in disarray and the sheriff (Ben Gothier) stumped, it’s up to everyone to do their part to keep their loved ones safe and to find the murderer.

“It’s a show for everyone,” Gill said. “It might be a little spooky, but it’s true, old-fashioned Halloween. There’s not a lot of gore and blood. It’s just a fun show.”

The director added that the theater will be full of holiday decorations, both on and off the stage.

“Grandma Doobie basically throws up Halloween all over the set,” Gill said with a laugh. “And we’re going to have ushers dress up in costume, too. We’re really embracing this, and we’re going to have a lot of fun with it.”

Those attending the play are encouraged to dress up as well, and treats will be handed out to children who are in costume.

For tickets, call 605-665-4711.

“I’m excited for this because a lot of people love Halloween,” Gill said. “You get the TV shows and stuff like that, so how perfect is it for a community to have a Halloween event a week and a half before Halloween? It will really get people into the spirit.”


Suzanne Leonard (Autumn Carpenter); Michael Haas (Trevor Carpenter); Sam Carda (Norman Carpenter); Olivia Hudson (April Carpenter); Sue Fields (Gram Doobie); Gabby Slowey (Carol Murphy); Randy Fields (Reverend Brittle); Ben Gothier (Sheriff Jake Watkins); Alex Fields (Radio Announcer/Coroner); Katelynn Weinandt (Paramedic/Stage Manager); Kaytlynn Marlette (Policeman/Stage Manager); Danielle Gillis (Paramedic); Tess Zoss (Zobie); Seth Fargo (Pirate); Tina Zoss (Vampire); Quinn Fargo (Monster); Jasmine Gill (Skeleton); Anna Carda (Wicked Witch); Jackie Holman (Little Devil); Natalie Nayokpuk (Scary Ghost); Nicholas Nayokpuk (Maniacal Killer); Dan Gill (Lights); Zak McComas (Sound); Tara Gill (Director).

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