JoAnn Fensel Ries of Fensel’s Greenhouse, 500 N. Highway 81 in Freeman (605) 925-4204, has been gardening as long as she can remember. Her folks started Fensel’s Greenhouse from a hobby in the 1950’s. These days, flowering cabbage and other perennials, bulbs for fall planting, tree and shrubs are available here. Thanks to JoAnn for her tips:

• Plant or transplant trees and shrubs September through October. Fall soil temperatures and stable moisture will encourage new root growth. Check the Internet to make sure you plant it the right depth, how to water and mulch properly.

• Stop using fertilizer on perennials six weeks before frost. Covering the base of perennials and shrubs with soybean mulch will give the added winter protection.

• Divide your perennials now to revitalize them. If you have had them for several years, dividing them in fall is a good time to do that. Warm soils and cooler temperatures will give them time to create new roots. Dig around the outer edges of the roots and divide them into about four sections. Don’t drown the plants, but keep them well watered. The perennials that bloom in fall should be divided in spring.

• Add some flowering kale to your patio or landscape now. This annual transforms your outdoor living space until temperatures fall to 25 degrees or lower. Your local garden center will probably have them in stock now.

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