Tonic Sol-Fa

Midwest acapella group Tonic Sol-fa will perform in concert at Mounty Marty College’s Marian Auditorium on Thursday, Sept. 12. The group, which has performed in Yankton before, plans to sing selections from a new, upcoming album, plus try out a few Christmas songs in advance of a holiday tour later this year.

A familiar group of voices is set to return to Yankton next week.

Tonic Sol-fa will appear at Mount Marty College’s Marian Auditorium on Thursday, Sept. 12, at 7 p.m.

The concert is presented by a collaboration of Yankton Area Arts and Mount Marty College.

Shaun Johnson of Tonic Sol-fa told the Press & Dakotan that the acapella group first got its start in Minnesota more than a decade ago.

“It was started at St. John’s University in Minnesota  and we’ve been going strong traveling across the world for over 15 years,” Johnson said. “We have guys from Wyoming, Minnesota, Iowa and South Dakota in the group, so (it’s) a very Midwestern group. We mostly started out of a love of music — not necessarily a love of acapella, but just a love of what you could do with the human voice and how far you could take it.”

He added that the group’s performers have always sought to follow their passions.

“We started out just wanting to entertain and we obviously all love to sing,” he said. “Not all of us were necessarily music majors or anything like that, but we definitely got along and had a love of singing.”

This isn’t the group’s first time in Yankton.

“We do about 100-200 shows, so there’s hardly a town I could think of that we have not been through before,” Johnson said. “We’ve been to Yankton before and we’re very excited to come back.”

He added that touring the region has been one of the group’s favorite facets of music.

“There’s a lot of things you can do in music, whether you’re writing songs or whether you’re managing groups, but for us, it’s always been a focus on touring,” he said. “It’s always great to be in the Midwest. Crowds are very different, depending on where you go. I think our humor changes, the song selections often change and, since we’re from the Midwest, I think we just feel more at home sometimes.”

Johnson said that there’s another perk to playing shows closer to home.

“You can get home after the show and do laundry, so it’s always good to be close,” he said.

With Riverboat Days finished and school back in session, many people’s minds are starting to turn to the fall season. However, Johnson said that next week’s show may also give the audience a taste of the fast-approaching holiday season.

“In Yankton, we’re probably going to preview a few Christmas songs,” he said. “We have a large Christmas tour that starts in early November and it’s become a tradition in so many Midwestern cities.”

He said the audience will also get a preview of new material from the group.

“We have a brand new album coming out called ‘All For One,’ he said. “We’ll preview some songs off of that as well in Yankton. I’m kind of excited about that.”


Tickets for Tonic Sol-fa can be purchased at the G.A.R Hall at 508 Douglas Ave. or at

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