Evelyn Schindler of Yankton has gardened for many years. Thanks for sharing gardening tips.

• I don’t have house plants. I may have houseplants but that is not why I buy them. All my plants go outdoors in summer. In winter, I bring some indoors to overwinter. I look for many houseplants in winter that I can use in pots in summer. I keep them indoors until after the last frost and then combine them with other plants for outdoor containers.

• I like foliage rather than flowers for shade containers. I prefer hues of green and chartreuse, white, black, and variegated plants. Dracaena and variegated Wandering Jew are a favorite. I like variegated plants, but in a container garden you can’t put variegated plants together. Too busy.

• A mature lilac in the corner of the backyard was an eyesore. I trim it high so that foliage is near the top. You can see the trunks and air through leafless limbs Containers at the base of the lilac add structure at the base of the grouping and focal point.

• I overwinter cuttings of passion vines and then let them grow near spring so they get a head start in summer. Large rebar hoops are trellises for the vines across my backyard. I tie the plants up with natural twine. I leave the old passion vines from past years on the hoops so it covers the trellis. I leave the hoops up year round.    

• Tree roots near the surface in the yard prevents you from digging in the soil. If you put in a mounded berm of soil, you can plant in it.

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