Linda Larson of Larson’s Landing seasonal recreational vehicle park is located along the Missouri River west of Yankton. Larson is active in Missouri Valley Master Gardeners. “We have eighteen acres of trees, shrubs, vegetables and flower beds,” Larson said.  Her tips for large area gardening may have application to the homeowner as well.

• Within the eighteen acres, our planting areas range from large beds to small beds and contain trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables. My assistant Tom and I use a three - pronged cultivator for breaking and aerating the soil during the entire growing season. This tool is also good for weeding. We have a diamond shaped hoe that is very sharp and it is easy to cut in a weed and pull it out. We have several sizes of pruning tools that we use for plants, trees and shrubs.

• We have several staging areas for growing ground covers and some other plants. We have installed an irrigation system that covers all areas. The water is supplied from our well. We check the systems daily for leaks, coverage, and plugged sprinkling heads due to sand. This irrigation system has saved us from dragging hoses throughout the park as in past years.

• We have developed a way to economically mulch and fertilize our plants with our compost. Each fall we put leaves into a separate mulch pile. The other mulch pile includes grass clippings from the yards. Throughout the growing season we use our loader to turn the piles. Without rain during the season, we water down the piles to help bacteria break down plant materials into compost. We try not to put anything but clean grass clippings with no weeds into the pile. We mix retail mushroom mulch with the leaves and get great results.

• Our centrally located garage has four utility vehicles for all our supplies. Each vehicle is supplied with the tools, irrigation supplies and whatever we may need for the day. Each morning we have a short meeting to assign tasks and distribute tools and supplies needed. We have learned that this short meeting with our grounds crew has saved us time and stress.

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