Jay Gurney shares these rose features and examples favorable to the region’s weather conditions.

• Hybrid tea roses are the gorgeous single stem rose budded (grafted) onto a hardy rootstock. The plant is budded because the hybrid isn’t hardy enough to survive on its own roots like other roses. Examples of classics include: “Peace,” “Chrysler Imperial” and “Mr. Lincoln.”

• Grandiflora roses are budded hybrid tea roses with extra large flowers. Examples: “Queen Elizabeth,” “Chi-Ching” and “Dick Clark.”

• Floribunda roses have multi-headed blooms and come in the best assortment of colors. Floribundas are considered not as hardy as shrub roses. Some floribundas are on their own roots (OR) and others are budded. See the “OR” on the plant tag. Examples: “Angel Face” (budded) is an old standby, “George Burns” and “Europeana.”

• Shrub roses are cold hardy roses that grow on their own roots. They are more carefree than other roses. Many colors are available. Minnesota or Canadian introductions are chosen for hardiness. Tops don’t die back easily in winter and they have more disease resistance. Examples: Canadian Explorer series, “Knockout” or “Home Run,” or Carefree series, or Easy Elegance series from Minnesota

• Climbing roses grow 4-5 feet a year on a trellis and the canes overwinter to bloom the next year. Some climbing roses are budded and others grow on their own roots. Canadian climbing roses tend to be hardiest for this region. Examples: “William Baffin,” “John Cabot,” “Henry Kelsey” or Easy Elegance series.

• Miniature roses are selected for small space gardens or for growing as potted plants as the bush is smaller than other rose shrubs. Miniature roses generally grow on their own roots and are forms of shrub roses. Examples: “Coffee Bean,” “Lemon Drop” and “Ruby Ruby.”

• Tree roses are roses grafted onto a small tree. The only tree rose trained with single trunk that is winter hardy is “Polar Joy” from  Minnesota.

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