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Don't even think that we aren't watching you


It should be the parent and child's choice.


Good luck in fighting the tyranny... AT EVERY LEVEL! Freedom!


I hope the school board knows many kids are able to vote them out in 2022. I hope they know they can make a difference locally!!! Along with a big awakening in parents and adults. I will be showing up to vote them OUT! I’ve never voted locally. I will make sure my whole family does. Because if we don’t pay attention we have people in the re who only care about themselves. Two are up for re-election in less then a year and they need to go. What did they do with that 2.8 million dollars? HVAC that won’t be installed for years?! And bought 39k in masks they are super stingy to give to kids. Every kid has different needs. Those strangers in the school board don’t need to decide our children’s health. How come from 7:30am-3:30pm the administration building isn’t wearing a mask? At football games many of the teachers and superintendent there did not wear a mask and I’ve saw them lean in talking to people (6inches isn’t 6 feet) so it tells me they are implementing the masks for A. The money and B. They think “just as many want a mask.” The numbers don’t lie. Let the parents choose the health for their own kids. Our children are not your cash cows. Gross misuse of your power. Covid has been around for 2 years. The parents can make their own informed decisions. At the beginning of the year there were hardly any kids wearing a mask. Then the received 2.8 million and it all changed. Get your hands out the cookie jar.


Take note school board. We will keep pushing back. Parents should have a choice in their own children’s health NOT strangers. Don’t forget two of the board members are up for re-election 2022.

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