S.D. Anglers, Boaters Can Expect To See Watercraft Inspection & Decontamination Stations

PIERRE — The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department (GFP) will begin operating mobile watercraft inspection and decontamination stations across the state to help combat the spread of zebra mussels.

GFP staff has been trained to inspect boats for zebra mussels and other Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS). Inspection and decontamination stations will be placed at boat landings and on highways frequently used by boaters. Due to a new law passed during the 2020 Legislative Session, boaters are required to stop and have their boats inspected.

If the boat is determined to be high-risk, trained staff will give the boat a more thorough inspection. A decontamination would only take place if the boat has plants or zebra mussels on it, has standing water in it, or if water cannot be completely drained from the boat or equipment. Boats that have been in infested waters continually for three or more days must be decontaminated.

The decontamination process can include use of a high pressure washer, using 140 degree water on the outside of the boat and trailer and low pressure, 120 degree water for the engine and internal compartments.

For more information on the new regulations regarding AIS, visit sdleastwanted.sd.gov/laws.

S.D. GF&P Asks Public To Leave Wild Animals Alone

PIERRE — South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) is reminding the public to leave baby animals where you find them.

This is an active time of year for animals which increases the chances of human-wildlife interactions, says South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks wildlife biologist, Silka Kempema.

If you care, leave it there.

Neb. G&P To Restore Limited Overnight Lodging In Park Cabins June 18

LINCOLN, Neb. — The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will begin restoring limited overnight lodging in park cabins June 18 while continuing to protect the public and staff from the spread of COVID-19.

Starting June 18 and continuing until further notice, any cabins not presently reserved will be available for rental for Thursday, Friday or Saturday night stays, with Sunday checkouts. Any new reservations will be subject to availability, and a minimum two-night stay will be required for new reservations.

Park staff will contact guests with existing cabin reservations to discuss how they might be affected, and the process for checking into their cabin.

Cabins will be open for reservations at Eugene T. Mahoney, Platte River, Ponca, Niobrara, Fort Robinson and Chadron state parks, as well as Lewis and Clark, Two Rivers, Victoria Springs, and Medicine Creek Reservoir state recreation areas.

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