After watching the news about Texas passing the most restrictive abortion law in the nation and other states starting to follow their lead, including South Dakota, I am a little confused. My stance on abortion has always been that rape, incest or the mother’s life should be the only exception and should not be used as a form of birth control.

It seems that the Republican-controlled states are supporting this legislation but are the same states that are refusing to take the COVID vaccine and are fighting mask mandates that would save the lives of their children and fellow Americans. These states are the ones that are filling the hospitals with COVID cases and are jeopardizing available rooms for other patients. This flies in the face of being what a Christian stands for. A true Christian wants to look out for his fellow man and do what they can to protect them.

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All true Christians should allow only truth to guide them. When you seek the truth and it is revealed to you, confirmed by others and by His Holy Spirit, you will not let the lies of the enemy control you. Many, including those diligent pew-warmers, have been deceived.


Shame on the republicans for trying to protect an innocent, unborn child that does not have a choice whether it lives or dies based solely on the decision of the birthing person (the new term being used to describe mothers by the woke liberals). I find it odd that you say being a Christian is based on forcing someone to get a vaccine, but as a "true" Christian you are ok with killing an unborn baby? So Charlie, when you go to meet God in heaven and he or she, not sure what gender pronoun I can use there anymore thanks to the woke liberals, asks you what you did with your life, you are going to say, I fought to force people to get a vaccine, but I also supported the right of a birthing person to kill an unborn baby. I am not God, but if you are measuring what God thinks was probably a more noble cause, don't you think God would probably think protecting an innocent, unborn baby, which by the way, abortion has a 100% death rate, as opposed to covid with around a .002% death rate, don't you think God would approve saving babies over forcing people to get a vaccine? So now only is getting the vaccine political because apparently 100% of the democrats are vaccinated and 0% of the republicans are not, according to the liberals, but now it also determines if you are a "true" Christian? I must be reading the wrong bible.


seriously you people are still using the argument for the vaccine verse the right to have an abortion?? (@&$(%&@#()$&!!!!!!!!!!!!

We know that God killed millions of unborn children and their pregnant mothers-to-be in the Noachian deluge, the conquest of Canaan, the incineration of Sodom and Gomorrah and in 20 major slaughters described in the bible. The critical feature of these horrific events is that all people were exterminated. Whenever entire communities were massacred, we can be sure that pregnant mothers-to-be and their unborn children were among the victims. Moreover, there are no stated exemptions for this specific segment of the population.

It can be concluded from this ghastly program of human annihilation that the God of the bible is the greatest mass murderer in history and that he does not care about unborn children or living children or living adults. If God really opposes abortion, why didn't he just say so? Why didn't he authorize one of his trusted spokesmen—Moses, Jesus or Paul—to issue a definitive statement on the subject?

It is also noteworthy that while the bible requires the death penalty for 60 specified criminal violations, abortion is not among them. When all relevant documentation is examined, it is obvious that God does not love the unborn and he certainly does not disapprove of abortion.

Scripture teaches that believers do not have the liberty to disobey the law. When matters of liberty come into conflict with government directives, a believer must prioritize obeying the government ahead of exercising personal liberty, for to do otherwise is sin, as Paul says:

Rom. 13:1 Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.

Rom. 13:2 Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves.


You're a poor Christian, but a great theologian. Cherry picker.


Try putting some creative effort into your comments. Plagiarism is so demeaning.


All well and good JMDrury, but some people don't believe in God, so scripture and the laws set forth in them mean nothing. To me, killing an unborn baby is killing an unborn baby, whether God agrees with it or not. Same would go for the vaccine, if I don't get the shot, not sure God is going to say, whoa, wait, you can't enter heaven because you didn't get the Covid shot.


killing is wrong any way you look at it, BUT to completely take away the extenuating circumstance from people is also wrong.

A woman terminates a pregnancy (life-threatening) and she is bad........I hunter kills a wild animal cause it's after him (life-threatening) and it's ok.

both the "fetus" and the wild animal are living things that in their own way contribute to the world in some way. Why is one wrong and one is right? Is it only Ok to kill things if you can eat them afterward, or is it because you consider animals as lesser beings than humans?

Or answer this:

You are trapped in a burning building.....There are 2 contains 100 fertilized eggs awaiting implantation ( heartbeat and all), and the other room is a 5year old child.

You can only save 1

Who do you choose?


Men always have a lot to say about this topic.

So Abe, Voice, if your 15 year old daughter gets knocked up by uncle Harry or a random rapist are you ready to offer her rapist’s child a loving home?


Just wanted to put out there that I had the pleasure of attending a South Dakota State football game this weekend and the stadium was full of unmasked republicans, did not see a single masked person although I am sure there were some, but it was great being around 15,000 republicans in one place, because as we know, any good democrat would not attend an event like this without wearing a mask, would they? And all of the stadiums around the country, full of unmasked republicans, not a democrat in sight, unless they aren't wearing masks either, but we know that just could not happen since they are all saying they are required to be worn, especially by our children in schools, those are definitely required, right, it is after all for their own protection and for the protection of the vaccinated, right do as I say not as I do democrats?


JM - I attempt to save them both, as opposed to abortion rights people who would be ok with both of them dying, since the 5 year old was once a fetus and if the child would have been aborted by her birthing person, he/she would not have even been born if the birthing person was given the option.

TruthFairy - Yes, the child would have a loving home either with me or if after discussing this with our 15 year old daughter and we decided as a family to give the child up for adoption, we could do that as well, based on that discussion. Not all men are pigs as some abortion rights people think.


i dont think all men are pigs,, but a womens right to health care is no ones buisness but hers!!!!!!!


no one said men are pigs in any comment that I can see.

But super fun how you skirt this issue to both myself and TruthFairy.

My question said you can ONLY choose would you rationalize the answer?

and for TruthFairy's inquiry: Something most men don't take into account, the problems that accompany pregnancy (physical as well as emotional). You can honestly say that you would force your child to go through with 9 months of pregnancy and labor (especially risk her life to give birth at such a young age) and carry the scars of pregnancy (health issues and stretch marks) for the rest of her life????? Why don't you just tattoo her forehead "rape victim".

Those things will be with her for LIFE. If you honestly believe you can "talk as a family" and have a rational discussion with a 15 year old child that has been that traumatized to make a life long decision, the you sir are DELUSIONAL


The last thing in the world Most Republican Politicians are is CHRISTIAN! Most republican Politicans are toal Liars, just for Starters! Secondly, other than their own Kids, Grandkids, they don't give a Rat's Behind about Kids! They only Ride the Anti Abortion wagon for Political Reasons. And, Most Republican Politicians don't believe Women get Raped! They believe Women want to be Raped. That they love it...and, the least of all, INVITE RAPE. All that Most Republican Politicians are .... are TALIBAN WANNABEES!


Ironically, I’m starting to think that it might be a good thing when Mitch McConnell's Trumpster Supreme Court. outlaws Row v. Wade.

Already the Red States have restricted abortion almost into illegality anyway. And for too long Republicans have counted on this issue to gin up their base in national elections.

Aided by their Constitutionally weighted representation in our Senate and the Electoral College, politicians in America’s more conservative rural populations have slowly chipped away at this right which most women support. This has been the political gift to Republicans that keeps on giving.

But a coming Supreme Court ruling may end all that. The politics of abortion will then be kicked back to each state to decide.

The supporters of choice who foolishly believed that the Law protecting choice would stand, will finally understand that those days are over, and only local political participation will revive it.

A solid majority of the American people support access to abortion. Striking down Row v. Wade will take the issue off the front burner of Republican national politics and force the GOP to defend their position with the voters in their own states.

The majority of voters who support access to abortion will now understand what the partisan hacks on the Supreme Court have decided for them. Perhaps they’ll get more involved in their local politics.

Of course it remains to be seen if going to the polls will be enough in the face of the extreme gerrymandering and voter limitations being enacted across our fair land.

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