The latest volley in Gov. Kristi Noem’s barrage of self-serving partisan propaganda is her diatribe, “Conservative Principles and Government Restraint.” (Press & Dakotan, Aug. 31) In her fight for national publicity on the tiny turf shared by right-wing rivals in Florida and Texas, Noem rails against both Democrat and “traditional” Republican governors who, she charges, are not “pro-liberty.” The evidence: Unlike her, some governors of both parties take leadership in the fight against COVID.

But not Kristi Noem. So what if the Sturgis rally set off another wave of sickness and death across the Black Hills and the nation? Every business owner and every individual has the God-given — or Noem-given — right to deny science and to ditch the vaccine and the mask, not to mention the Biblical mandate to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If somebody’s grandmother or son has to die, that’s too bad. Don’t expect condolences from the governor, who seemingly hasn’t noticed that our hospitals are filling, including with kids for whom the vaccine is not a choice.

“You can’t be a constitutional conservative only when it suits you,” the governor proclaims. You’re right about that, Kristi. You did all you could to stop the seventy percent of South Dakotans who voted for medical marijuana from getting it. You want to dictate what history teachers can’t teach, and to stand between women and their doctors in their personal lives. You claim to oppose government exercising “brute force to declare a business essential,” but that is exactly what you did to the Smithfield workers when they were dropping like flies.

In Noem’s perverse world view, “it is human nature to want to wield power.” No governor, we don’t all think that way. The desire to “wield power” is the province of demagogues and dictators — not Democrats or “conservative” Republicans or the South Dakotans I know.

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Thank you. Well said.


Wow Jerry, you have the nerve to talk about our governor wielding power for personal gain? Do you not see or hear what your president and his administration has been doing for the last 8 months? Your blinders are on way too tight that you can't even see in front of you. Go ahead and ignore everything that is going on in this country and the world under the control of Joe, or whomever is controlling what he and Kamala say and do, ignore it as this country falls apart quicker than at anytime in recent history. I understand your narrative is to not talk about other things and distract from what is going on, blame a governor of this state and all other conservative states for the problems to insure the attention is turned away from the president. Look at all the democratically controlled cities and states that have huge problems Jerry, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, LA, just to name a few, they are a mess because of democratic policies, and now this country and the world is seeing what a democratically controlled U.S. is looking like. Take off the blinders, stop putting party before country, stop taking peoples freedoms from them, stop shoving socialism down the throats of the U.S. citizens, it hasn't worked anywhere in the world and it won't work here either.


Wow! VoicefoAll (or more accurately, VoiceforOne(him/herself). In true Rethuglican fashion you pass the the buck and just blame the Presidency for all the problems. You ignore everything that Mr. Wilson said in his opinion piece and just throw out all these Faux News talking points, like the sheep you are. You absolutely never support any of your arguments with facts, just your opinions. When you look at the problems in this country perhaps a glance in the mirror would be of insight. Your truly are a deplorable, but you should be proud of that. Isn't that what all the biggest fans of the former President, your big, wet daddy Dump, call themselves? Do us ALL a favor and go away.

Excellent piece, Mr. Wilson. You are accurate in all you say.

Jon Wick

antiteaparty, interesting missive. I was originally going to engage you in debate but then I re-read your post and determined that you are not open-minded enough to make any kind of intellectual exploration possible. You are simply a product of the social justice factory, a common everyday minion trained to mimic the moral certainty of your progressive ideological masters. intolerant of divergent thoughts, ideas and most of all opinions.

A simple-minded individual who is offended by others who have the ability to think freely and explore other ideas that are not approved by the progressive/leftist thought police and therefore you believe all those who do nto confirm must be silenced.

I rarely bother accusing progressive/leftists of hypocrisy anymore, it's pointless. Just as a sociopath can't be cured by a stich of conscience, most progressive hypocrites like yourself aren't smart enough to know they're be a hypocrite. Therefore, not worth worrying about.

Jon Wick

I apologize for the typos:

antiteaparty, interesting missive. I was originally going to engage you in debate but then I re-read your post and determined that you are not open-minded enough to make any kind of intellectual exploration possible. You are simply a product of the social justice factory, a common everyday minion trained to mimic the moral certainty of your progressive ideological masters. Intolerant of divergent thoughts, ideas and most of all opinions. A simple-minded individual who is offended by others who have the ability to think freely and explore other ideas that are not approved by the progressive/leftist thought police and therefore you believe all those who do not confirm must be silenced. I rarely bother accusing progressive/leftists of hypocrisy anymore, it's pointless. Just as a sociopath can't be cured by a stich of conscience, most progressive hypocrites like yourself aren't smart enough to know they're being a hypocrite. Therefore, not worth worrying about.


HA! Johnny Boy Wick - Just another Faux News cultist.

Jon Wick

Oh antiteaparty, thank you for proving my point. You know so little but you know it so fluently...


She is the worst.


So YanktonCitizen2 says she is the worst, so she is worse than the former New York State governor who, if you remember, was a democratic governor who just had to resign because of sexually harassing woman plus all the lies he told regarding Covid deaths in his state so he could make himself look good, she is worse than the democratic governor of California that has driven that state to have one of the highest homeless populations in the nation, to have the highest cost of living and highest taxed states in the nation, the democratic governs list goes on and on. To you she is the worst because she believes in personal freedoms, personal choices, the constitution, a stronger America, a stronger South Dakota. Yep, that's all bad stuff in your opinion I guess.


Oh, good points. Good job.

VOICE for VoiceforAll

VoiceforAll, what strange, narrow partisan priorities you have. You rail against those who “ignore everything that is going on in this country and the world,” but what Mr. Wilson is objecting to in his first paragraph is Ms. Noem’s failure to “take leadership in the fight against COVID.”

And yet COVID has already taken more lives than the Civil War, which had the highest American death toll of any war in American history. And it’s already claimed over four and a half million lives around the world.

Yet you act as if the pandemic was a thing of the past and wasn’t still raging across the US and the rest of our planet.

As you look away from the sickness and death all around you, it’s clear it’s YOU who’s choosing to “ignore everything that is going on in this country and the world.”

Old Hugh

VoiceforAll, as you double down on your usual questionable accusations, I’ll pose the same question I just asked Abe when I pressed him for a response to Truth Fairy’s initial query.

She said, “US death statistics show at least 572,000 more people died in 2020 than 2019.

So the Pandemic is not a hoax.

And now our hospitals are being overwhelmed by unvaccinated people.”

How can you deny this, Mr. Voice?

This to me - since you anti-vaxxers have no answer - is the reason everything you guys say seems untethered to America’s deadly reality


Old Hugh, can you find me the data that says it is only the unvaccinated filling the hospitals? What about all those that have been vaccinated that are still getting Covid, where are the numbers, good luck finding them as the government and Dr. Fauci don't want those numbers released because the vaccine isn't working like they all promised, again in Joe's own words, if you get vaccinated you are protected, yet another lie from this administration. I don't deny there is a pandemic, I have never once said that, you just assumed that since I don't want to get the vaccination I don't think there is a problem, you couldn't be more wrong. If you can believe Joe and his administration, those that are vaccinated should not have anything to worry about, you are protected, but that is wrong, everyone does have something to worry about, the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Tell me what is going to fix this, the delta variant is here, now the Wu variant is here, does the vaccine you have protect you from it, what happens if it doesn't, when is the fourth variant coming, the fifth, the sixth. Keep getting your vaccine, each one that the government says you need to get, the one for each variant for the next 100 years, that is your choice, so far within about a year there have been 3 variants, are the pharmaceutical companies keeping up with the changing variants, I have yet to see or read anything that says they are, they are just saying go get vaccinated with whatever we have to put in you. Please go out and read about the studies being done by scientists and doctors that are starting to say that natural immunity may become our best defense, that each time you get a vaccine you are actually allowing your body to become more susceptible to getting the virus, they are hard to find as the freedom of speech police are taking those websites and reports down so no one can read about them, yes, that is happening in this great, free country of ours. by the way Old Hugh, I don't get a flu shot either, does that make me a murderer as well because thousands every year die from the flu, did you get a flu shot Old Hugh, if not, I think it should become mandatory that you do, and you can't go outside your house if you don't have it and I want to see your vaccination card if you do.

Old Hugh

Mr. Voice, you could Google the CDC, Johns Hopkins and a host of other medical authorities if you wanted to, but you deny their validity.

The vaccine doesn’t prevent breakthrough infections, but very few of these cases lead to death or even hospitalization.

And if our hospitals are NOT being overwhelmed by unvaccinated people, WHO are these folks?

One unofficial stat I’m noticing is that COVID is showing a fondness for unvaccinated ant-vax talk show hosts and politicians.

Seems COVID has an ironic sense of humor.


I've found your problem in getting the truth.

You use Google and believe the CDC, Johns Hopkins, etc. Once you understand that you are sucking up the gravy laid before you, you may have a change of heart.

Try investigating some other sources, especially medical groups from abroad. You'll be surprised to learn just how gullible you've been.

Gimmy A. Breake

Old VoiceforAll works off frustration

With falsehoods, fibs - misinformation.

Like Baghdad Bob how hard he tries

to create a fantasy with silly lies.


Just as a reminder for you Biden supporters who are putting all your trust into, a quick quote from Joe during his visit yesterday to New York regarding the devastating storm that went through there, this is what he could muster up and say: "The members of Congress know, from their colleagues in Congress that, uh, you know, the, looks like a tornado, they don't call them that anymore, that hit the crops and wetlands in the middle of the country, in Iowa and Nevada. It's just across the board."

This is your leader and administration whom you are trusting to tell you to get vaccinated, according to him we don't call tornadoes, tornadoes anymore and Nevada is in the middle of the country. If you want, I can share more unintelligible quotes from this president, just let me know. Again I ask, how can you trust him or his administration to tell you the truth, they make no sense on this or anything else they are in charge of.


Chanting during the game until joe was in tears. That was more than hilarious. According to the Steal last November, shouldn't half of the crowd stood up for their chosen leader? Ha... losers.


I don’t look to Joe’s words to inform me about the pandemic. But I do listen to scientists and medical professionals.

But since you refuse to engage on the body count numbers, why not, “share more unintelligible quotes from this president.”

Everyone needs a hobby.


Just the wrong scientists and medical professionals.

Yankton resident

VoiceforFew, as always you answer no questions and twist information to adjust to your ever changing conspiracy theories.

The facts on the COVID vaccines are very clear, depending on which vaccine is used, are from 88% to 95% effective. No one in the medical field or researcher has ever claimed 100% effectiveness of the vaccine. As a matter of fact if you would do your homework you would find no vaccine or pharmacutical ever developed is not without a small breakthrough of cases. Those vaccines though helped develop herd immunity and were virtually responsible for eradication of polio, measles, smallpox, and on the list goes.

Another fact by CDC is that 92% of people hospitalized with COVID are unvaccinated, of the other 8% some are breakthrough cases, and most of them are not seriously ill.

That said the effective rate of the 3 prominent vaccines are well within the protection limits of probable breakthroughs that the makers of the vaccines promoted.

If the US dies from within it will because of people like yourself who refuse to accept facts and do their part to responsibly promote immunity through vaccines. By the way don't attempt to treat yourself with worm medicine, it does have some life threatening side effects. Study the issue before your open your mouth and insert your foot.


With his foot in his mouth, perhaps VoiceforAll isn’t so far off the mark after all as he encourages veterinary cures.

He clearly needs something for his chronic hoof-and-mouth disease.

Jolly Roger

Here’s a little challenge, VoiceforAll: you pull together all the “unintelligible quotes” from Biden, and I’ll pull together all the lies from Trump.

I’ll even give you a 6 month head start, since your man made over 30,500 false or misleading claims over his four years in office.

Ready? Set! Go!!


ClownsRus, leave it to people like you to brush off the leader of the U.S. because anything he says doesn't make any sense, you don't get it, people like you and the media prop him up on this pedestal as this great leader, yet you chose not follow him and his words, my point is, if you are not listening this guy and what he says, who are you listening to, the people under his command, the CDC, you don't think he is telling them what to say? FYI, he is, even his own staff is admitting they turn off the TV or mute him when he speaks. What the U.S. president says matters, and if you, as a faithful follower can't stand to listen to him, why would anyone else?

Keep up your propaganda as the mouthpiece for the ever changing narrative of Dr Fauci and Joe Yankton resident, you are doing a good job of following their game plan. The CDC can't be trusted as they are only doing what Joe tells them to do, they are ignoring the science and listening to politicians, and oh, by the way, trying to make laws that you must follow, when did the CDC become a law making branch of the U.S. government? If they are following the science why so much flip flopping, is their research changing that much? Under this administration there has never been one coherent message, it changes from week to week on what people have to do, and it is starting to show that people are really not caring anymore about what this administration has to say, all you have to do is watch a few sporting events from around the country, stadiums and gymnasiums are full of people, your flip flopping messages are being ignored and people are moving on because Joe and the CDC can't be trusted. If you want to hunker down in your home, go ahead, but the majority of people are starting to say it is time to move on. Anyways, Joe said a few weeks ago that over 350 million people in the U.S. had already been vaccinated, which is a miracle of all miracles because the U.S. population is only 328 million, so we are all protected now, yet another flub (lie) from Joe Biden.


Lest we forget, we have an administration that has abandoned U.S. citizens in a country that they let get taken over by a terrorist organization even after saying they will leave no one behind, another lie. They are flying terrorists into this country and letting them leave the air force bases without vetting them thus letting terrorist walk freely throughout the U.S. They have an open border policy that is letting anyone that wants to come into the country in, terrorists, illegal aliens, with Covid, that you are all so sure to hammer on legal citizens but won't raise a finger to stop the flow of terrorists or Covid carrying illegal aliens. You have people in your leadership that are telling us we can no longer call women, women, but must be referred to as menstruating people and women that cannot be called mothers but instead must be referred to as birthing people. Inflation is out of control, energy prices are soaring, you have a president that is saying out loud that he has been told to "not take questions and must turn and walk away" after making a statement, you have a congress that is trying to pass trillions of dollars in spending plans and is now trying to pass a huge tax increases to pay for all of it yet are saying they are increasing taxes to pay for Trump's credit card, you have a vice president that has basically disappeared and only comes out when her handlers allow her to and laughs at serious questions but has no answers, on and on and on and on. Yankton resident mocks my name as VoiceforFew, again, even a name irritates you, but people like me are becoming more and more, like it or not, and you can't stand seeing republicans stand up for what we know is right and calling out what we know is wrong. Keep blindly following your so called leaders, I and so many others will not.

Gimmy A. Breake

So MUCH verbiage and so little said.

VoiceforAll’s words don’t come from his head.

And not from his heart as can plainly be seen.

He does little more than venting his spleen.


Since Gimmy A. Breake has hard time reading too many words I will make this one short, Biden's National Archives racism task force team is now labeling the Charters of Freedom as being racists, understand you democrats don't really care about the Constitution, but soon it will be removed and placed in storage as your woke party continues to try and erase anything they don't like or don't agree with.



If your so concerned about Sturgis go out there and voice your opinion try to stop it or run for Gov.?

But the point Your Missing is all the illegals crossing the border infected with Covid are the dem's trying to close the country down.


sdtwinsfan_63 and VoiceforAll keep doubling down on FoxNews talking points while ignoring the real solution to America’s most urgent crisis.

Why won’t you two acknowledge the logic of Mr. Douglas Johnson’s plea in today’s edition of the Press & Dakotan:

“Get vaccinated and wear a mask.”


Bigsky i am vaccinated and wear a mask. Liberal news sites are Feclkless, they cover no facts only there own fact which can be proven wrong and still deny it.


The vaxs are poison and masks are worthless. We've covered this, but you just cant let go.

Mr. T

sdtwinsfan_63, you may know our laws require South Dakota children entering school to present school authorities with certification from a physician that their child is immunized against poliomyelitis, diphtheria, pertussis, measles, rubella, mumps, tetanus, meningitis and chickenpox.

How are these mandates any different from a coronavirus vaccine mandate?

So wouldn’t a mandate be more effective than sending Mr. Wilson on a fool's errand to preach to the anti-vaxxers in Sturgis?

Jon Wick

Mr.T, I certainly see the logic in your posiiton. However, SD does allow for the waiving of immunization certifications if the childs life or health would be endangered by the shot and on religious grounds. Do you feel these exempitons should be voided when dealing with COVID?

Also, how do you feel about individuals that have already had COVID and have greater immunity than even the vaccine provides based on current studies, should they be forced to take the vaccine in addtion to their natural immunity? What about individuals that are allergic to ingredients contained in the vaccines, should they be forced to take it anyway?

As you know, I'm not an anti-vaxer. I wear my mask and distance when possible and feel people should get vaccinated. However, I don't feel its the governments place to mandate. If individuals want to take that chance, let them. If you are vaccinated, this should not be an issue for you, correct?

Interested in your thoughts.


Tests on children from infancy to age six have already demonstrated the fake sauce is a killer. Poor babies are dead because of the complicit leftists. You will all burn for eternity with their blood on your hands.

Mr. T

We meet again, Mr. Wick. I believe our past dialogues have been among the few without rancor on this feed, and I appreciate this.

Let me begin by saying that if a doctor determines someone’s medical condition makes them vulnerable to any vaccination, they should be exempted. I believe this is accepted practice for the numerous vaccination mandates we already have in place.

However, it’s becoming clear that it is not correct that those of us who are vaccinated have nothing to fear. Like all vaccines, the coronavirus vaccine is not 100% effective. This means there will be the occasional “breakthrough” cases which sometimes result in hospitalization and occasionally death.

Furthermore - and more important for the public at large - unvaccinated people allow the virus to proliferate and raise the likelihood that mutations will result in variants that make current vaccines ineffective.

So this is not a personal decision that only affects the individual - in this case, our decisions affect everyone.

This is why each and every state in the Union already mandates certain vaccinations for school children, and sometimes for adults, including health care workers and patients in certain facilities

Even folks who don’t get sick are affected by this pandemic since the current struggles with our economic challenges are a direct result of this untamed plague. Fear and free enterprise don’t mix profitably.

Also, experts say a person who’s had COVID-19 still needs to get vaccinated against the disease. They observe that the immune response after having the disease isn’t as strong as the defensive response that occurs after vaccination. This now seems to be the medical consensus.

It’s also likely that most folks who have contracted the coronavirus have not contracted the now raging Delta variant which the vaccines can effectively prevent. Their immunities from yesterday may well leave them unprepared for what threatens us today.

Finally, other than Christian Scientists, I don’t think there are very many religions whose doctrines expressly prohibit vaccination, although individual religionists in these faith groups may hold anti-vax opinions. Do you know otherwise?

In any case, we don’t allow one's religion to exempt individuals from just anything they wish to avoid. Otherwise religionists could refuse to pay taxes or practice polygamy or even slavery.

I recognize that our political system at times has carved out exceptions for these folks - like allowing them to opt out of paying for contraception in their health plans.

But exempting too many religionists from a vaccine mandate could mean we’d not achieve herd immunity against the coronavirus. In my opinion, that risk is too great to let them slide on this one.

However, in the final analysis, a few exceptions for any reason won’t defeat the purpose of a mandate. And we mustn’t get sidetracked by stubborn absolutism. It should be understood that many of the current vaccine mandates I’ve listed don’t actually need to achieve 100% vaccination of our population to be effective.

But what is important is that we get enough people vaccinated against the coronavirus to achieve herd immunity.

In this way we can live with the threat of the coronavirus as we do with the threat of all the other diseases we control, but haven’t yet completely eradicated. The flu is a prime example of this.

Medical scientists tell us that herd immunity for coronavirus probably will require the vaccination of about 70% of our population. The sooner coronavirus mandates can get us to this epidemiological “sweet spot” the better.

So Mr. Wick, if you truly feel that “…it's not the government’s place to mandate vaccines,” then I take it you believe the vaccine mandates that currently exist for school children and others in every state in the country should be abolished.

Am I misunderstanding your position?

Jon Wick

Mr.T, I also appreciate our respectful discussions. I wish there was more of this on the feed.

Your response was logical and well-constructed, and I agree with much of what you are saying. I think it was important to state that no vaccine is 100% effective 100% of this time. This is fact. However, I think there has been little discussion surrounding this topic. We as a society are way to busy trying to make the situation with COVID and either-or proposition. Your statement about not getting sidetracked by stubborn absolutism was spot on.

You mentioned that it seemed that medical consensus is that vaccine immunity is greater than natural immunity. Many studies have come out stating the opposite. This just leads to further confusion. Shouldn’t the message be that if you previously had COVID or if you took the vaccine, both provide the needed immunity along with proper precautions? We shouldn’t as a society get stuck in a debate about which one is better, which I think is driven by an element of political upmanship by both right and left. Now is not the time for petty politics.

To respond to you question about my statement on government mandates. It is not my position that all government mandates should be abolished. However, I understand how you came to ask that question. I did not adequately frame the point I was trying to make. That’s on me.

What I was attempting to point out is that it is not the place of the federal government to mandate a vaccine that has not been studied long enough to determine what of any long-term effects it may have. Take the Polio vaccines for example, they were being given for years before the movement to make them mandatory was undertaken. In 1955 the polio vaccinations were halted for a time due to side effects and it took until 1979 before the U.S. was polio case free. The point I’m trying to make is that could it be possible that the science is still not yet available on the long-term impact of the vaccine therefore making any government mandate premature? Are you concerned about this?

There is also the debate concerning the constitutionality of the federal government having the authority to mandate. SCOTUS states this ability is the responsibility of state and local governments. Using OSHA is a clever work around I must admit. But if the fed’s were confident they had the authority why the need for the work around? As a business owner, how do you feel about the possibility of a business be forced to fire workers who refuse vaccination? What impact would it have on that business? Do you support this effort to strong arm business to accomplish government vaccination policy?

One final question of curiosity Mr. T. If Trump was the president implementing this vaccine mandate, would you and your progressive colleagues still be so supportive? Or would Trump being behind the decision change your mind?

Mr. T

Sorry it took so long to respond to this Mr. wick. I hope you still see my reply.

First of all as a business owner, I wouldn’t want unvaccinated people threatening my other workers and my customers. So I would welcome a mandate - especially if it would prevent my having to pay the unemployment compensation for these folks.

Furthermore when we are threatened by an enemy (and covid it is definitely the enemy) my tendency is to close ranks behind any adequate leadership that would confront it. So I would have supported a Trump mandate.

Also I think he would have won the presidency had he the wisdom to do this.

Please let me know if you read this.

Gimmy A. Breake

Vaccines and masks - the solution is clear.

Yet Abe works so hard to make truth disappear.

He throws out falsehoods with each fevered breath

Defending his GOP’s Party of Death.

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