This is in response to the letter by Rev. Dan Brandt (Press & Dakotan, July 28):

If Colin Kaepernick is your hero, your judgment is severely misplaced. I am somewhat surprised you didn’t pick Jeffery Epstein.

Kaepernick is a product of this “white privilege” we hear so much about these days. He had a black father that was a deadbeat that didn’t stick around to help raise a son. Just a sperm donor — common practice it seems these days. The man was adopted by white family and raised as product of white privilege. Without that upbringing and raised in poverty and without a father figure, he likely would have been just another thug.

If the man had a backbone in him, he would not align himself with a Marxist organization like BLM. If he had a backbone, he would take his money and fame and try to turn around inner city young people. He would be preaching for men of all skin colors to stand up and be a man.

If you father kids — support them, teach them, help raise them, stay in school, strive for higher education, turn your back on the thug life — let’s quit dying in the streets over some color of clothes or pair of Air Jordan shoes, or just shooting someone because they are on the wrong side of the street. Turn your back on dealing/doing drugs. Stand up, be a man, raise your kids. Don’t donate sperm and run out. Then, after he changes that world, he would maybe — maybe — be worthy of being looked up to.

Preacher Brandt, set your hero bar a little higher.

Also, if you slam Mr. Trump, I hope you earned that right by giving back your last stimulus check and will send the future one back as well. Don’t take a man’s kindness and then bite his/her hand.

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I don't agree with the sentiment in this letter, but I particularly felt the need to comment on " appreciating the generosity of Trump". Where do you think the money came from that was distributed? This is tax payer money being returned to taxpayers. Trump has never done an act of kindness in his life. His motivation for doing anything is always self serving in one way or another.


Very good article Larry. Don't let these leftist snowflakes tard up your very good points. The reverend is probably a very big fan of Jeffrey epstein as pedophilia is a very big problem in this country. Most leftists love children, if you know what I mean.


The money that was sent to taxpayers (and non taxpayers too) did not come from money paid in by taxpayers. It came from the US Treasury printing new debt instruments, which you and I, and our childrens children will be paying interest on pretty much forever. This is not a challenge to the money that was distributed, its a challenge to your suggestion of the source of that money.

Larry Skow

To guest 126:Trump or congress did not have to send the funds out. Didn't have to print money an help out anyone. So that is act of kindness. Mr. Trump is not the one that drove this debt based economy into position it is in. He never barrowed trillions of dollars from China to pay for a crusade into the middle east has been a driving factor of why we are in mess we in or at least part of it. I also feel you are missing the point of what I said. Why don't you send me $1200? Take your chances on what I say about you. If you think BLM is such a fine organization. Why do you think highly of a marxist organization? Go on their website. Their stated goal is to bring down USA/destroy nuclear family/destroy churches/ look at what they promote! Is that what you want? SET YOUR BAR A LITTLE HIGHER YOU FOOLS. If you don't like USA--get the heck out. Move to cuba/russia/china. I kind of like USA for all faults we have. I have done pretty dang good for a kid from south dakota that didn't have two nickels to rub together growing up! I tired of hearing about this "White Privilege" crud! Yankton had a very successful black gentleman. Mr. Ted Blakey was his name. I believe it was integrity an hard work that got him to the top. Its out there for everyone--but only in USA. Such fools.

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