The letter “Winds of Destruction” (Press & Dakotan, June 21) says wind turbines are too expensive. Clearly, the writer of this letter is not up-to-date on energy costs. Solar and wind energy are now as cheap or cheaper than coal, oil, natural gas (Lazard). GE just shut down one of its giant natural gas power plants 20 years early because it can’t compete economically with solar and wind (Reuters).

The Green New Deal energy plan will make solar and wind energy “essentially free by 2030 (Financial Times, UBS). On the other hand, Forbes says that without Green New Deal-scale cuts now, climate disasters will cost the US over $160 trillion in the future.

Then there’s the $8 trillion our government has spent on military bases and equipment just to defend the Gulf of Hormuz since 1978 (Business Insider). Without our dependence on oil, we could pull out of Middle East entirely and save trillions.

Finally, the subsidies for solar and wind that the “Destruction” letter complains about are minuscule compared to those that the fossil fuel industry has gotten. The federal government has provided more than $160 billion in tax breaks and subsidies to the oil and gas industries (

In return, we’ve gotten carbon pollution that kills over 200,000 Americans annually (, kills over 9 million globally each year (The Lancet), and costs Americans over $800 billion annually in medical bills (Forbes). Not to mention all the oil spills and other land and water and toxic air pollution from fossil fuels (EPA).

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A question for you here; Does your assertion that wind energy is cheaper than Jan fossil fuels, do you include the carbon footprint cost of manufacturing, transportation, and erection of the turbines?


The cost of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.could install solar power on every house in the country. In addition , it would save taxpayers more than 162 billion a year.


Pete, you have no idea what you are talking about. Wind mills may lead to something that works but these big farms make no sense. Everywhere they have been tried in the world they have not worked and yet they keep building them. Politician (both sides) are determined to destroy this country . . . . and it's working.


As usual, the head in sand people refuse to acknowledge the truth. This is the top ten countries in alternative wind power generated.


Again, someone is head in the dirty fuel industry. In November 2018 . Scotland broke its record on the 28. It produced 97% more than the entire National Need. Wind power breaks 100% threshold for Scotland's electricity demand 11 December 2018, source edie newsroom Wind farms in Scotland generated enough power to account for more than 100% of the country's electricity demand last month, according to new figures from WeatherEnergy.


Mr Diesel, your “Stage” name says it all. You’re caught in the fossil fuel industry someway or another. I will not brag my education in Science before joining the USAF. But as for being experienced in alternative energy, you’re kinda forcing me to do so. I lived on solar power outside Las Vegas, NE. It was 24DC to 110AC. It was 3 BR (including master suite). it was -3500’SF inside, in addition it had covered living areas etc etc. I’d still be there except for the Hector Earthquake. It did a number on the house and well. We had a Government Hydrologist friend who explained the quake changed the underground water flow. Artie learned how to make wind power from another friend. He was doing his thing with that. There’s about 4000 faiths in the world, some 3,999 people claim theirs is the only truth. Some people say all of them are false.

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