Building permit fees in Bon Homme County are posted on the door of the zoning office in the court house: $1 per $1,000 of valuation.

Last year, Scott Creech from sPower asked the commissioners to lower his permit from $190,000 to $50,000. Without legal counsel, Bachman, Telsma and Voigt voted to give a break to sPower of $140,000. I have read through the zoning ordinance, and the commissioners have no legal right to give one person a special break on building permits.

“South Dakota Codified Law 11-2-2 delegates the responsibility to the board of County Commissioners of each county to adopt and enforce regulations designed for the general welfare of the county.”

What happens when you break the law? You pay a fine.

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Maybe any devlopment should be taken out of the county to were there is no zoning and the county dosnt control and disscourage development.

Friedrich Farmer

Ed’s letters are always jumbled and confused, but instead of a rant FOR development as Ar223 takes it. I think what’s really behind all this Mumbo Jumbo is Ed’s ongoing fight AGAINST development. Specifically renewable energy development. One has to wonder though - IF this is all actually illegal, why doesn’t Ed spend some of the thousands of dollars in farm subsidies he’s collected over the years to file a lawsuit instead of writing incomprensible letters to the Press & Dakotan? Or maybe he could hire an editor so we can all understand what he’s saying.


I think everyone should have a windmill in their yard. Wouldn't that be great!


Does anybody remember Hirō "Hiroo" Onoda? He was the last WWII Japanese soldier to surrender. He refused to admit defeat until 1974. Whether you consider this to be admirable loyalty to a cause or incomprehensible tenacity, Ed Van Gerpen seems to be following in his footsteps.

Jolly Roger

★ Yes! Why not file a lawsuit, Ed? Put your money where your mouth is! ★

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