Sens. Rounds and Thune, you owe the people of America an explanation!

Mike Rounds, you voted against reinstating our military who refused to submit to the COVID vaccine mandate. (An illegal mandate and a vaccine that wasn’t thoroughly tested and has since been shown to be ineffective and harmful to the point of causing death.) The military has already struggled for years to fill their recruitment numbers. Currently, only about 23% of young people can meet the military’s fitness, education and moral requirements. So where do you propose to get the 8,400 replacements for these military personnel?

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Larry Skow

You GOP voters voted them back in. Remember the FAIRY TALE started with WHEN I AM ELECTED. These fairy tales do not have happy ending. No matter which party gets voted in. They get the GOLD--We get the shaft


They did give their explanation before the vote even happened. MAGA. We have 3 people in Washington and you don’t even bother knowing a d*** thing ever about anything 🤔

Larry Skow

Hogan. If you not happy don't bark at me.

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